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Forever In My Heart

February 3, 2019 — 11 Comments

You, yes you. You are forever in my heart. You’ve been with me as I’ve gone through good times and more difficult times. I really appreciate it, but I am not sure that I say it enough.

Anyhoo, that was the thought behind this make.

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Whilst the 12 days of Christmas continue I thought that I might be able to squeeze in a quickie before the year is out.

There’s a video too!

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The bid to decorate my new home with handmade items continues with an acrylic paint poured clock that is a riot of colour.

Although technically only a project that would have taken a couple of days it has actually taken a while to create as I have been back to it a few times, unable to finish it through indecision, however, this week I managed to pull things together and thought that it was a good time – no pun intended – to share it with you. Continue Reading…

Hello to you! In this blog post, we will also be saying hello to The Funkettes. It’s not often these days that I do welcome them into my home however on this occasion they were actually a help, once they’d settled in.

Want to see how and why? Then read on chum, read on.

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In this episode of Gentleman Crafter TV, which was chosen by you, I will be showing you how to create an easy to make tiled window scene using the Stampscapes range of rubber stamps and some Stampbord tiles.

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Something Lovely

February 22, 2016 — 14 Comments

Been tinkering with a little something over the last few days.

Bit by bit it has come together and became something quite lovely.

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This week I have been mucking about with mixed media canvas creations in my ‘spare time’. I’m more than happy to say that I have been able to actually finish one!

It was intended to celebrate the fact that I am lucky enough to be designing and creating on a ‘regular’ basis.

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