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I am very pleased to announce the next confirmed venue/location for an All Counties Craft Challenge group workshops.

This time it is for Gloucestershire.

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I’ve done a few jewellery making projects in the past and am often left with a few beads left over each time. Having collected these in a little jar, I thought that I would have a go at making a bead soup bracelet.

I also recently got wind of a new tool that would make the process of forming the loops on headpins much much easier – so I thought that this would also be a good opportunity to put this to the test.

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Having made several attempts at wire wrapping in recent times I have to confess that it took me a while to get the hang of it, the events that I write about in this post were in fact my third attempt at this technique.

You might say, ‘Well, you’ve just answered your own question there Johnny boy’.  But, dear reader, please wait for there is more.

Although I’d read various books, researched it online and tried to watch You (out of focus) Tube video tutorials, I hadn’t really gotten the hang of things.  I tried to follow what they said but then, after the second failed attempt, I thought maybe it was my shovel hands and sausage fingers that were the problem as I just couldn’t get the swing of the thing.

Was it my ability to grasp this technique, or was it down to the quality of tuition?

More importantly, what and when was the breakthrough moment?

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Chainmaille Experiments

April 21, 2013 — 5 Comments

Ever since my teens I have had a fascination with jewellery making techniques, especially those that satisfy my need for a sense of order. Chainmaille therefore serves both of these requirements very well and I’ve had great fun trying out different variations and combinations so I thought that I would share with you a selection of my favourite creations.

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