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A Little Bit Of Love

December 6, 2018 — 9 Comments

‘Ere, fancy a little bit of love? No, I don’t mean in the cheeky wink wink kinda way, I simply mean a fabulously simple card.

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Creatively Colourful Card

December 3, 2018 — 13 Comments

During Black Friday I got myself a few bargains but am still working a fair bit away from home so I only had a short amount of time to make something. 

What did I do and how did I do it? Read on, chum…

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Into The Woods

May 24, 2016 — 7 Comments


Even though I had a massive de-clutter before leaving my home there were a few things that I didn’t get rid of, despite them still being unfinished.

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All About Colour

May 15, 2016 — 12 Comments

Hey my lovelies. How are things? Good I hope.

Listen, I got asked to do some ‘inking’ techniques at a future workshop so I thought I’d have a little play and see what I could come up with.

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I am very pleased to announce the next confirmed venue/location for an All Counties Craft Challenge group workshops.

This workshop will be held at the workshop space in Keep On Crafting in Bury St Edmunds

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For today’s last Artist Trading Card post I have gone a little off-the-wall and headed down the mixed media experimental road.

It’s a road I veer down every now and again. Come with me if you like :)

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I’ve been counting down to Christmas – there are only five Monday’s before Christmas!!!

Which inevitably means that I have much to do on the web before the end of the year – so here goes!

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