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With many big pride events happening around the country during the summer, it seemed daft that I didn’t make something to give a nod in the direction of the rainbow, so I thought I’d go all out and make something fabulous, darlink!

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Hello everyone. As it’s been over six weeks since I was last on the telly box so I thought that I had better show my face and keep my oar in so I wanted to let you know that I will be appearing on live TV again tomorrow, Saturday 30th June 2018. Continue Reading…

The hair has changed, the waistline has changed – in the wrong direction – but my love of the GoPress And Foil system has not. For that reason, I will be back on Create and Craft TV tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon to show you why.
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Hallo you! Just been having a snoop around the interweb and noticed that there is a cool bundle available including the GoPress and Foil, GoCut and Emboss and Free Foils over at Create and Craft TV.

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A Mini Mixed Bag Of Me On TV

February 17, 2018 — 2 Comments

Hallo you. Just wanted to pop onto the blog and let you know that I am currently wending my way down to Peterborough for a couple of brief appearances on Create and Craft TV tomorrow.

Both shows will be on Create and Craft TV tomorrow, Sunday 18th February 2018.

The first one, at 10am, features the GoPress & Foil range of goodies.

Not heard of this yet? Here are a few blogs posts from the archive where I show you what it’s all about.

The second will be at midday and will feature the CoLiDo 3D printer.

I have been using this for some time now and have created quite a catalogue of blog posts. Here is a selection in case you missed any.

You can, of course, watch the shows live in the UK via Sky 674, Freeview 23, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, Apple TV & Amazon Fire. Some shows may also be shown live in the US via Dish 221 & Roku.

Other regions of the world may be able to watch and shop via the live stream on Create and Craft TV. Depends on where you are I guess.

Anyhoo, hope you can join me for one, or other, or both?

Bye for now.

J :)

Hallo again. Just wanted to drop you a reminder that I will be on TV today, through until Friday afternoon, highlighting a Blockbuster deal featuring the GoPress and Foil system.

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During the recent shows on Create and  Craft TV, I discovered more cool creative technique for using the GoPress and Foil system.

Got a mo? Then let me share them with you.

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