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As you may have discovered a long time ago I have been a big fan of patchwork and quilting – despite it not making a huge dent in this blog. Indeed, I even wrote a whole blog post about some of the shows that I had worked on at Create and Craft TV back in 2013.

Well, the possibilities with online learning have moved on quickly since then and therefore I was super excited to receive a special invite to check out Jennie Rayment’s new course that has recently been released via Craft Academy.

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So excited about this workshop!

This is a unique collaboration between Kim Suleman of The Fat Quarters, Melanie Haigh – Regional Support Specialist for Brother sewing machines and me!

In this workshop we will be exploring the unique connection between the Scan N Cut machines, fabric and the Brother range of embroidery machines!

It’s a one of a kind not to be missed!

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Fabric Friday hasn’t been around for a while but I’m pleased to say that I’ve literally been doing nothing else but see for two days … progress at last!!

I therefore thought that it would be nice to remind you (and me) of projects that I need to finish and those that I am about to embark upon.

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Hello and welcome to another Fabric Friday. This week I thought that I would try something different and see if anyone would like to take part in a sort of a sew-along with me.

I recently purchased a jelly roll and thought that I would create a simple foundation paper piecing pattern that we can all have a go at – and hopefully I will be able to share my finished piece, along side yours in a future Fabric Friday post.

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For this week’s Worldwide Wednesday trip we are off to Mexico to meet quilting expert, Linda Carlson.

Linda, and her twin sister, co-design fabrics and teach quilting all over the world, but what inspires Linda to lead this creative life?

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As you may have noticed in recent posts, I seem to be getting a “thing” for Foundation Paper Piecing.

Having used a few pre-designed patterns, I thought that I would have a go at designing my own.

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So what is this? I’m talking of Winter as we are going through some of the hottest days of summer?!

Well, it’s not quite as mad as it seems.

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