Fiddling With My Drawers

June 7, 2015 — 10 Comments

Well, you’ll not believe it but I have managed to finish something AND write a blog post about it – just.

For this project I decided to have a fiddle with a set of drawers.

No, you naughty person, not that kind.

It was of the MDF variety.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 1

As you may have seen I have been working with a range of alphabet beads so I thought that it would be nice to decorate this to become storage for those little beauties.

It therefore occurred to me that there was nothing more perfect than the Craftwork Cards More Than Words set that I had recently purchased.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 2

So I assembled a few other bits and bobs and got cracking.

First job was to work out how to cover the drawer fronts because the handles were non removable.

I overcame this challenge by using a circle template to measure the handle diameter.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 3

Then transferred this to the pieces of paper that I had cut to fit the drawer fronts.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 4

To get them over the handles I cut star slits into the circles.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 5

Applied glue and slid them over.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 6

Job done! All three covered successfully.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 7

I then set about cutting pieces of paper to cover the top and sides of the drawer set and secured them in place with Mod Podge.

Decorating A Set Of MDF Drawers With Craftwork Cards Paper - 8


Now, it was at this point that I ended up stopping this project to do something else and for days after I kept fiddling with my drawers – yes, that kind!

In that process however I totally forgot to photograph the process. Here is a quick overview of what I did to finish the set though.

  • Used a spotty stencil to apply Perfect Medium to the top, front and sides of the unit. Then heat embossed with some Cosmic Shimmer pearl embossing powder. I also added this to the drawer handles.
  • I then used black and pink ink to edge the drawers and the joints of the drawer set.
  • I created flower petals as I had done in a previous canvas creation and created a flower formation with these and a resin cabochon that I had created. I stuck some of the letter beads around this to add more “interest”.
  • I created feet for the unit using airdry clay and a cabochon mould.
  • Finally I painted the inside of the drawers black.

And that my dear chums was it. I think.

Mind you, having fiddled for several days, I can’t quite remember if I did anything else.

Anyway, here are some images of the finished piece for you to browse. If you click on one it will open up into a slideshow.

So, what do you think? Overkill or oh so pretty?

Time for me to head off and see if I can finish another project but if you have any questions or comments about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

See you again soon!

J :)


10 responses to Fiddling With My Drawers


    Brilliant as always – just showed hubby who loves craft as much as I do – and we both think they look AMAZING John – we have only just started to work with MDF – so thank you for the inspiration.

    Still loving our scan and cut and when I covered an mdf desk tidy the other day I drew around it, including the heart in the middle and simply scanned and our ‘brother’ did all the hard work!!! X



    I also have these drawers which so far I have only put gesso on as wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. You have given me some ideas. Thank you. Love what you have done.



    Beautiful! Thanks for the step by step instructions too. It would make a lovely gift too and could be filled with goodies. Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspiring us all. X



    Hi John Have seen these drawers in my local craft shop and wondered how to go about doing what you have done so next time I go shopping will buy one and try it. Thanks for the inspiration.——–Bev Dyer


    Carole Morgan June 7, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Hi John!
    Definitely – oh so pretty! I love it – well done!!
    Doesn’t it feel good to finished something you’ve started &:had to leave for whatever reason!!
    Looking forward to what you come up with next!
    Happy crafting

    Liked by 1 person


    Brilliant John
    I have a lot of candies – so will do something similar to store them



    that is fabulous John



    Hi John ,
    That is very nice, love to step by step.
    Love it and we’ll done you xx


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