All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Down To Dunoon, South To Staffordshire and Diseased At Doncaster

With the challenge entering it’s final few weeks you may think that it would have been easy going from this point – think again!

When last I left you I had just return safely to mainland UK and was heading into slightly rocky weather and had more workshops to do.

Many, many surprises were in store for me over the next few days.

So, if you’ve got your cuppa at the ready I shall began my wafflings.

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All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – The Big Brother Workshop, Fabric A Go Go, Pap-Snapped and Bring On The Burgers

With just under six weeks to go, things are starting to head towards a climax for the All Counties Craft Challenge – you’d think that that would mean a slow wind down with a final few workshops wouldn’t you?

Well, no. Still going bigger and better as each week passes.

Fancy a catch up on this week’s activities?

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All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Lorry Parks, Lancashire, Ladies, Skype, Lunch, Mines, Mixed Media, Cumbria and Memorable Moments

Packed a lot in again during the last few days so are you ready for the next in the All Counties Craft Challenge dairy?
Good, do read on then.

When last we parted I was off to do a bit more work on the Create and Craft TV channel before heading onto the next workshops.
Due to finishing quite late and having to complete a three hour drive up to Preston in Lancashire I ended up having to use a lorry park as my overnight accommodation; the first of several over the next few days believe it or not.
Here is what my glamorous view looked like.

To cap it all it even started snowing making for a quite chilly night.

Good job I have two 13.5 tog duvets to keep me cozy during the nights.
Was going to ask one of the lorry drivers if they fancied sharing some body warmth but thought that that might not be taken in the way that I meant it so decided not to.
Anyway, sleep over and it was off to Hunkydory HQ – The Inspirations store in Preston.

Followers of this diary will note that I have been here before however the store had had a makeover and unbeknownst to me this was their re-opening celebration – also unbeknownst to me it appeared that I had been volunteered to cut the ribbon with the lovely Anne-Marie!

Store founder, Anne – seen behind me in this image, was keeping a close eye on the day as were the lovely and friendly team of ladies that keep the store running like clockwork.
What you don’t see is that there was a press photographer and a large crowd standing in front of us – nervous much!
Anyway, time to crack on with the workshop.
The reason that I had been invited back was to host a couple of days on the Scan N Cut so off we went!
The thing that I love about these classes is the concentration faces when the ladies are working through a challenge – hehe!

Better still is when concentration faces …

… turn into gleeful faces!

There was a whoopee building there – can you see it about to errupt?!
Lots of people got involved in the visit even if they weren’t involved in the workshop including this glorious couple of who made a special trip to make a donation – and some cheeky shopping by the looks of the trolly ;)

There’s no hiding it from the hubby, he’s right there with you! Hehe.
Right, truck stop again tonight. Want to see the stunning view from the cab of Maisy?

Beauty, right? Another cold one. Hot water bottle out tonight.
Morning brought some sunshine and a drive to Cumbria where I was expected at the Florence Arts Centre in Egremont.
This is the home of a particular colour believe it or not. Egremont red, of which I am now the proud owner!
You can see the colour on the building.

The colour comes from the old mine that is still on the site.

A very cool and artsy place with it’s own colour!
Time to assemble the ladies though and get cracking on the mixed media clock faces.
Oh, looks like they are ready and off already! lol!

The project for the day was this.

Kinda cool I thought.
Think the ladies had a good time of it and really put their own spin on the project.

A press photographer even turned up on the day and, whilst we were doing selfies, he got some snaps too. Here’s us posing for him while trying to do a selfie – not easy to look in two places at once.

So lets try that again!

Ok, one more truck stop and then I am so totally checking into a caravan site.

So lovely, there were hardly any lorries there.
The mornings seem to see the biggest flow through of lorries with the overnight haulage guys doing their plop stops.
Ok, no more workshops until Friday so I am off into the country to catch up with myself.
Being in Cumbria I’d be an idiot not to have visited the lake district … especially on a sunny day like this!

After a fair bit of the M6 this was the road that would wind and curve for about an hour, with places that I had to breathe in to fit through, before I got to the caravan park.
Although I had a fair bit to catch up on I promised myself a brief walk out if it remained sunny … WOO HOO IT STAYED SUNNY!
Within less than 30 mins of the caravan site, I was treated to all of this!

*joyful sigh*

Thanks for taking the time to catch up. See you again soon!
J :)

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Big Ass Diary Update Part 1

Well, can’t believe it’s been nearly three weeks since I did an All Counties Craft Challenge diary update so, you’re definitely going to need a brew whilst you make your way through this one … I did – several!

Because it is such a big ass update I have split into down into three smaller posts – gives you chance for a loo break between ‘episodes’, lol.

Anyway, I’m ready. Are you?

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