Creating Text Toppers With Seperate Draw And Cut Lines For The Brother Scan N Cut

Creating Text Toppers With Individual Cut And Draw Lines In Canvas Workspace Online For The Brother Scan N Cut

This week I received an email from Gillian asking how to create a text topper where the text is drawn and the topper is cut. This is quite simple however I didn’t seem to be able to put this into written words well so I decided to make a video of it.

It really is quick and simple and once you know how you will be creating toppers galore!

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Designing A Pop Up Card For The Brother Scan N Cut In Canvas Workspace Blog

Designing A Pop Up Card For The Brother Scan N Cut In Canvas Workspace

For this week’s Scan N Cut Saturday I thought that I would share a way of creating a pop-up style card using Canvas Workspace.The journey starts in Canvas Workspace and then I went on to draw this with the Universal Pen Tool and cut this with my Brother Scan N Cut CM900, but you can create this with any model of the machine as we create the project in Canvas workspace and then transfer it to the machine.

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