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About Me

My name is John Bloodworth and I am, like you, a craft enthusiast and have been so for over 30 years.

People often ask me “what is your favourite craft”.  If I am honest, I don’t have one.  The thing that I love the most is the creative process, the discovery and learning of techniques and always trying something new (to me at least).

Through this blog I hope to share that journey with you as I bumble my way through all sorts of creative projects and experimentation.

I also hope that you will share your experiences with me, and the other readers of this blog.

As you can tell, my journey has been a long one, over thirty years in fact. So, when I say that I am still experimenting I must explain that it’s important for me to keep up to date with techniques and find new ideas as my career is one in which I cannot stand still.

Having said that, many of my favourite creative past-times will make regular appearances!

I have previously worked as a TV producer for Create and Craft TV – the world’s original 24 hour TV channel dedicated entirely to creative past-times creating over 10,000 hours of TV about arts and crafts in my time there. 

In 2015 I made the decision to leave that job behind and embark on a year long tour of the UK, called the All Counties Craft Challenge, to raise awareness for mental health through creativity. This challenge also ended up raising over £24,000 for the charity, Mind.

I am currently working as a freelance designer/maker.

My work life and personal life are rarely in balance so I am often very busy, or taking time out – I will however endeavour to keep some form of regularity within my posts on this blog.

If you would like to talk with me about this blog, sponsorship opportunities, brand ambassador positions or anything else for that matter, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.

J :)

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello,
    I have just brought a scan n cut machine and am having difficulty in finding a suitable blade depth/pressure to cut card stock without tearing. I use Bazzill and American Craft c/s. Do you have any advise, the best I have found to date is 8 depth and 1 pressure but it is not reliable.


    • I use american crafts a lot. I have put some suggested settings on my list which you can download via the link on the right (or bottom if viewing on a phone).


  2. Hi, I just bought the Brother ScanNCut, however disaster has struck already :-( I cut through my mat!! I was trying to cut felt was i supposed to place the high tac fabric support on the mat under my felt before attempting to cut?


  3. Hi John,
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and passion you have for craft. :0) I came across your blog when searching for info about the Brother ScanNCut. Thanks for the very informative info and the tutorials these have given me the confidence to buy one for myself. In fact I’m off to get one today yay! I look forward to more posts. Oh by the way do you know the name of the font you use for your Banner “Gentleman Crafter” please?


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