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Scan It Saturday – Image Tracing In Scan N Cut Canvas

Well, it’s been a while since I did a Scan It Saturday post so thought I’d better crack on and get a few done – this being the first in a new mini series.

Given the questions that I had about the updates for the Scan N Cut Canvas software yesterday I thought that it might be helpful if I explained a bit more about image tracing.

I have therefore prepared a video doing just that.

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Scan It Saturday - Creating Decorative Sentiment Plaques With The Brother Scan N Cut - 64

Scan It Saturday – Creating Decorative Sentiment Plaques From Pre-Installed Designs With The Brother Scan N Cut

It’s not often that I have the time to put together such a comprehensive blog post so I certainly took advantage and armed myself the camera (with fresh battery and empty memory card), notepad and pencil and set myself up in front of the Brother Scan N Cut.

During shows on Create and Craft I have previously demonstrated how to make decorative sentiment plaque on the Brother Scan N Cut machine using only two pre-installed shapes so I thought that I would document that technique for future reference.

This (all 60+ pictures) together with a whole load of words, is the result of a well spent morning … Enjoy!

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