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Thank You, Mandala Card

February 4, 2019 — 7 Comments

Whale hallooo. Hope you are keeping well?

I am. Feeling quite grateful too. Too many thank you’s to say for this rosy glow so please allow me to convey it to everyone at once through the medium of slapping ink about on a card.

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Go On, Treat Yourself

January 6, 2019 — 3 Comments

By now, you are probably sick of treating yourself with food, so why not check out this wee set of clear stamps from Lawn Fawn. 

Cleverly creative, all in one cute little bundle.

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Whilst the 12 days of Christmas continue I thought that I might be able to squeeze in a quickie before the year is out.

There’s a video too!

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Following a little sale haul from the Visible Image website, I managed to snag a few cool sentiments to add to my collection of their wonderful designs. One in particular just had to used as soon as the envelope was opened.

Fancy a look?

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I really enjoy using stamps and paints together. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, this week has been ruddy cold!

When it comes to creativity, ANY two concepts can be smooshed together – so, when I looked back at the stamps from the project I made the other week, I noticed that there was a penguin, that also had a jumper sooooo – perfect!
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It’s time to wake up and be awesome! Yes, I mean you. Why? Because you are.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the theme of this GCTV/Stamp It Sunday episode now available to watch on YouTube. Continue Reading…

Having had some Stampboard in my rubber stamping supplies for some time I thought that it was time that I put it to good use.

In this week’s Stamp It Sunday, I did just that and coupled it with some cool Stampscapes stamps to create a dreamy landscape. Continue Reading…

Apologies for not completing a Stamp It Sunday in a while however this week I had good reason to crack open a new pack, sniff the distinctive waft of a new set of stamps and get playing.

Yes, I received my Stamp Club stamp set and starter pack from Craftwork Cards – woohooo! Continue Reading…

Gentleman Crafters Handy Guides For Pattern Stamping - Blog Image 2

Free Printable Design Grids for Pattern Stamping Part 2

Halloooo you. Welcome to Part 2 of this 2 part series looking at the stamping grids that I have designed and that are available as a free download.

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Gentleman Crafters Handy Guides For Pattern Stamping - Blog Image 2

Free Printable Design Grids for Pattern Stamping Part 1

Halloooo you. I recently highlighted a way of using a light box with some printed grids to create pattern stamping designs and had a fair few questions on where you could get those print outs.

The ones that I used were very old and I created those a long time ago and don’t have the originals so have set about creating a whole new set for you to play with.

Over the next two Stamp It Sunday posts I will be sharing printable grids and design ideas for square designs, rectangular designs, oval designs and circular designs so I hope that you will continue to ‘tune in’ and take a look at these neat little helpers.

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