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Creating A Bespoke Gift With Hatch Embroidery Digitzing Software

Watcha. It was a friend’s birthday recently and she enjoys going out on the [very cold] sea and doing some competitive yachting – sounds fancy and energetic, right?!

Anyhoo, I wanted to make something home crafted for her and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to crack out the embroidery machine.

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When I went out for a walk the other night I noticed that there roses had started appearing in some gardens.

I thought that it would be nice to celebrate these colourful blooms with a little ATC project.

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Well, I totally failed at completing any of the projects from the Fat Quarter Fun series as I’ve been trotting about whilly nilly doing totally random stuff (good stuff, just not sewing).

So that I don’t leave a horrid gap in the blog I thought that I’d take you back to (yet another) fabric related work in progress.

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