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Well hello. Another Monday has rolled around and it is, therefore, time to beat those Monday blues and take a time out to spend some time being mindful and colouring in this week’s free download.

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Good morning. I hope that you are well. After a mini-break, I am back with the continuation of the Mandala Monday series of blog posts in which I share with you a free download that you can print at home and colour in.

Did you know there are now enough of these to give you one per week for a whole year? That’s a whole lot of mindfulness.

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Phew! What a week! Defo glad to be home and cracking on with more work.

In the meantime I didn’t get to show you the finished napkin ring that I made with the CoLiDo 3d pen the other day so, guess what I’m showing you in this post…?

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Right! I’ve had a 3D printing pen for as long as I’ve had a 3D printer but sadly haven’t really had much time to play so I cleared a small window in my diary and sat myself down with what I hope would be as exciting as the 3D printer.

What did I discover? Read on to find out …

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Doodle Journal 4

January 31, 2017 — 9 Comments

Would you like to see my latest entry in the Doodle Journal?

Good job that I got it finished then, lol!

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Doodle Journal 3

January 24, 2017 — 9 Comments

A few of my friends have been bitten by the winter lurgy recently so when it came to doing a doodle, not a euphemism, it was no surprise that it inspired the overal outcome.

A curious creation to say the least. Fancy a look?

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Doodle Journal 2

January 17, 2017 — 9 Comments

Woohoo! Managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of doodling again this week so that means that I have page 2 from my Doodle Journal ready to share.


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