Big List of Scan N Cut Links and Resources

The Big List of Scan N Cut Links, Resources and Other Useful Stuff

Below is a list of official links to websites, social media accounts and various other resources that Scan N Cut users may find useful.

I have sorted these into official and unofficial lists. First, the official links and resources.

Official Links and Resources

General Support, Downloads and Updates

For more general support, access to manuals, updates and more, you can visit the Brother support hub via the link directly below (circular icon with a chain link in it).

Find Support In Your Region

The easiest way to find support in your region is to visit the link directly below, (circular icon with a chain link in it), select your country or region from the first drop-down list, then select ‘cutting machine’ from the second drop-down list and click on ‘submit’.

You will then be redirected to the support website that covers your region or you will be presented with an online form to fill out details of your support request.

Social Media Accounts

For general information, project ideas and inspiration it is a good idea to follow some social media accounts. I have listed below links to all of the major social media accounts managed by Brother. Where possible I have linked to Scan N Cut specific content however in some instances these accounts also contain information about sewing and embroidery machines.

This list covers the majority of English speaking regions. There may be other accounts for your region and in local languages. You should be able to find these easily enough with a quick internet search.

The first link, (circular icon with a chain link in it), in each list is for the main website in that region.

Brother Crafts USA

Brother EU (Including the UK)

Brother Australia (Including New Zealand)

Brother South Africa

Canvas Workspace

Canvas Workspace is the companion software from Brother that expands on that editing capabilities available to you.

There are three distinct versions of the software. Canvas Workspace for Web, Canvas Workspace for Mobile and Canvas Workspace for PC.

All can be accessed by the link directly below (circular icon with a chain link in it).

This link will default to your region and language and will also default to Canvas Workspace for Web or Canvas Workspace for Mobile depending on the device you are using.

If you want to install Canvas Workspace for PC on your computer, you can download it from this site too.

Unofficial Links and Resources

Online Training (By Me)

150+ tutorials starting at “out of the box” to creatively confident and everything in-between!

Online Training (By Others)

The Papered Chef

Facebook Groups

I host and run my own Facebook group for Scan N Cut users which you can join via the link directly below (circular icon with a chain link in it).

Please make sure to answer all three questions and agree to the group rules prior to submitting your request.

There are many other groups that you might like to visit or join too. I have posted a selection below with links.

Please note, these are all run by individuals and NONE are affiliated or endorsed by Brother.

Hope you find this useful!