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Watcha mates. I’ve often watched nature documentaries with fascination. Particularly the ones that show us the ‘hidden’ world of the micro organism and it’s juxtaposition against it’s larger brethren.

It was with this in mind that I whipped out my phone and attached one of those clip on micro lenses in order to see what I could see, or, couldn’t see if you catch my drift.

Was very pleased with the results – fancy a look?

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Over recent weeks I have had a number of positive comments about my photographs on Facebook. People have been impressed and have suggested that I should do it as a career. What a nice thing to say :)

It may (or indeed may not surprise you) that I actually did study photography, albeit in a small context, as part of an Art and Design Diploma that I completed back in 1990/91.

Photography has changed so much since I then so I thought that it might be an idea if I shared some of my attempts with you from the past and present.

This first post looks at the past.

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In this post I hope to give you a brief photographic tour of a recent trip to Hunstanton and I thought that I would share with you a quick card idea that I had whilst I was pottering about on the beach.

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