Forever In My Heart

February 3, 2019 — 11 Comments

You, yes you. You are forever in my heart. You’ve been with me as I’ve gone through good times and more difficult times. I really appreciate it, but I am not sure that I say it enough.

Anyhoo, that was the thought behind this make.

Forever In My Heart Artist Trading Card by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (2)

To get into anyone’s heart, I am sure that we all know that we need a handcrafted key of some sort so, I’ve popped mine on a hook for you – and, as you are as scatty as me, I’ve also included a spare.

This creation started out with a blank artist trading card onto which I applied a coat of white gesso and then, once dry, I stencilled some Pebeo Modelling paste onto it.

When that was dry I applied a coat of pigment stick. Roughly squishing it on and then smoothing it out with some water and a brush.

Once that layer had dried, which was surprisingly quick, I dry brushed some yellow wax paste onto the design which helped scuff off some of the pigment stick colour and give it a slightly weathered look.

Forever In My Heart Artist Trading Card by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (4)

I had a bunch of key related ‘stuff’ in the bit box so I chose a couple. One already had a metallic finish and therefore I left it as it was.

The other was laser cut card and I therefore decided to coat this in perfect medium and then chuck on some yellow and gold embossing powder.

This was heated and melted with a heat tool and then left to cool. Came out looking a little rusty, which was cool :)

Forever In My Heart Artist Trading Card by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (5)

During my rummage I had also found some coordinating brads.

I then broke out the glue gun and began adding the bits in layers until I had a carefully balanced pile of bits and glue drying.

Forever In My Heart Artist Trading Card by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (2)

I carefully walked away so as to avoid knocking it and had a cup of tea. This last step isn’t essential to the finished piece but it was nice to have.

Quite happy with this one and really starting to like this mixed media lark. What do you think?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

11 responses to Forever In My Heart

    Lynda Carpenter February 4, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Thank YOU for all you share with us! Even though I can’t buy things, I truly enjoy and learn from all your post!

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    A lovely littke creation. The effect you’ve created with adding the different media is great.

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  3. February 3, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    Lovely John. Thank you for all your continued help x

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    Lovely project, John, thanks for sharing. Am just getting into mixed media and you have inspired me to make something today. 🙂

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    Simple but awesome, just like the thought behind it. Thanks John and you have a special place in my heart to.

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    It’s lovely John. You do have some brilliant ideas. Keep saying I am going to have a go at mixed media. You are inspiring me x

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    What a lovely card John. Just a few items can make a big impact which you’ve achieved here. Thank you lovely man. XX

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    Beautiful, and the thought behind it. xx

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    Fabulous creation John TFS xx Hazel

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    Beautiful, John. I’ve tried mixed media in classes, the results were OK but I wasn’t thrilled with it. The teacher wanted us to throw everything at our project and I’m definitely a less is more kind of girl. Your card has inspired me to give it another go at home. With school holidays coming up it could be a worthwhile project to do with my 10 year old Grandson.

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    John it is stunning I love the simplicity of it and attention to details is gorgeous. Well done . Xx

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