Artist Trading Card Daily - 58.3

Artist Trading Card Daily – 58

It’s a PUPPY!!!! Ok, I’ve wanted a dog in my life for a very long time – and I still haven’t got one :/

Ah well, at least it’s a theme that I can use in my ATC challenge! :)

Artist Trading Card Daily - 58.1

This was actually one of my first attempts at using Washi Tape in a project. I took two styles and applied alternating strips onto some cardstock and then cut it down to size.

I then applied this to some purple cardstock.

A square punch was then whipped out and I made a little topper panel from pink and purple cardstock.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 58.2

The little doggie was part of a the front of a ready made card that I cut out and then applied some heat embossing powder too.

I then gave him a little sparkly collar and then popped him onto the ATC.

A few gems were then added to the finished piece.

And that was that.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 58.3

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again for ATC59 of ATC365!

J :)

13 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 58

  1. Another really great ATC. Love the use of the washi tape too. Now that I’m travelling quite a bit we can’t have pets but I do so really miss having a dog. To have one is such a lovely relationship. Please don’t make the mistake of having two dogs to make up for not being around all the time as the relationship with you will be totally different. Don’t miss out. X


  2. Hi John

    Ahhhh super cute pup with his sparkly collar. I love the washi tape too.

    It all goes perfectly together!


    T x


  3. AAH :) Reminds me of my Scottie terrier Kim. I want another Scottish Terrier! rescue or puppy! Great card with Argyle washi tape.


  4. Ah really cute having a dog in your life is fantastic we have a westie cross jack Russell and he always gives us so much fun. So with crafting and dog walking I’m never at a loose end.


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