Everything Is On Sale – Again!

Just a quick heads up, I am running sales across all of my “stuff” for the next five days.

This includes 50% all SVG file sets in my Creative Fabrica store and the lowest price possible for both Scan N Cut online courses on the Udemy website.

Here are the relevant links:

Creative Fabrica Store

By the way, if you are wanting SVG files, don’t forget to check out my awesomely huge Massive Crafts Bundle for 3,700 SVG files and bonus extras for only $10.

Brother Scan N Cut – Cut, Draw and Scan with Confidence Course

Mastering Canvas Workspace Course

Taking A Short Break. Also Lurking.

Just a quick note to say that I am taking a short break from blogging/vlogging etc for a couple of weeks.

There are a few things scheduled here and there (e.g. CF Fans page stuff and the odd Facebook post) so you may see them pop up and I will of course still be managing the Facebook group and Udemy course when necessary – I’m not totally abandoning the internet, despite the temptation – but mostly I will be doing what the random guy (not me) in the photo is doing – naps, snacks and books.

Hope you all keep well and I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Mwah! xxx

*dives onto sofa.