Rory Walker Illustrator

Worldwide Wednesday – Rory Walker, Illustrator, Teacher, Mentor, Painter, Print Maker and Father

Occasionally, in this creative life, someone comes along that single-handedly reignites your passion for creativity and inspires you to go out and explore more, without even knowing it.

This week I was able to get a Worldwide Wednesday feature written up about one of those inspirational people.

His name is Rory Walker and he is an amazingly talented illustrator from Bristol who’s style you may already be familiar with as he has provided illustrations for a number of major brands around the world.Read More »

Worldwide Wednesday – Kim Dellow, The Scientist Behind Mixed Media

Welcome to another in the Worldwide Wednesday series of blog posts that seeks out creative talent from around the world and share it with you via probing questions and revealing answers.

Some of you may already be familiar with my guest and some may not. In either case, I was beyond excited when she agreed to take part as I have been an admirer of her work for some time.

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Alice Hole Artist In Her Studio

Worldwide Wednesday – Alice Hole, Cornish Based Artist And Self Confessed Audio Book Addict

Hallo you. Been a while since I last did a Worldwide Wednesday blog post so I wanted to try and explore more talent from around the world this year and the first person that I would like to introduce you to is a very talented artist from Cornwall in England.

Her name is Alice Hole, so, if you have your mug/brew ready, let me introduce you to Alice.

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Worldwide Wednesday - Julene Harrison Paper Artist - Featured

Worldwide Wednesday – Julene Harrison, Paper Artist

So, you know how much I have enjoyed paper cutting over the last year and how much I am in awe of those that do this delicate and time intensive craft?

Well, for that very reason I contacted super-talented paper cutting artist Julene Harrison to see if she would take part in my Worldwide Wednesday series – and I am pleased to say that she agreed! (it would be a pretty short and pointless post if not, lol)

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Ashley Lucas

Worldwide Wednesday – Ashley Lucas, The Queen Of Cute Characters

I really enjoyed the time that I got to learn about KT Young and her work on a recent blog post and thought, “wouldn’t it be fabulous if I could do this on a regular basis”, so, to cut a long story short, much deliberation led to the birth of the Worldwide Wednesday post series.

This series of posts sets out to introduce you to independent arts and crafts professionals from a range of genres from around the world.

I hope that you enjoy this first post in which I will be talking with Ashley Lucas, an illustrator and craft designer from Jersey City, NJ.

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