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Card Making Quickie 16 – A Simple Smile Card

The card making quickie series of posts continues after a VERY long break with a simple with a quick and easy card making idea in glorious video!

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Be You!

February 6, 2019 — 4 Comments

A wee reminder for all of us in today’s short make and a way to re-use that ancient mandala from the other day too.

Ready? Ok, let’s start…

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Thank You, Mandala Card

February 4, 2019 — 7 Comments

Whale hallooo. Hope you are keeping well?

I am. Feeling quite grateful too. Too many thank you’s to say for this rosy glow so please allow me to convey it to everyone at once through the medium of slapping ink about on a card.

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Following a little sale haul from the Visible Image website, I managed to snag a few cool sentiments to add to my collection of their wonderful designs. One in particular just had to used as soon as the envelope was opened.

Fancy a look?

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Hallo me ducks. Hope you are well?

This week I had chance to create another Stamp It Sunday blog post so would like to share that with you today if I may. Continue Reading…

Ahoy thar – time to set sail on the next Stamp It Sunday blog post. Got your sea sicky pills handy … then anchors away!

Warning: Please brace yourself for other seafaring puns.

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Inkpad Overview

November 23, 2016 — 18 Comments

All inkpads generally have a starting point of either a water, oil or solvent base.

From these three starting points various inclusions are added to give different effects and get different results. Examples of inclusion are colours (dye or pigment) mica, glue and some bases have nothing added.

Finding the right inkpad for the job can therefore be a daunting affair.

To help you understand the difference, I’ve put together an explanation of each base type along with some tips, suggested brands and techniques. Continue Reading…