Into The Woods


Even though I had a massive de-clutter before leaving my home there were a few things that I didn’t get rid of, despite them still being unfinished.

One, for instance, was a sheet of paper that is created some time ago during experiments for one of last years ATC series.

I’m quite glad that I didn’t as during a recent stay in Mildenhall caravan site I was suddenly aware of how it reflected the plethora of foliage all around me.

Grabbing the paper I chopped it down to size, layered it onto some coordinating cardstock and then finished it of with a simple raffia strip.

How fab!

Even enjoyed finding the leafy woody locations to take the photos.

The little gem looked a cute little like a bug on a twig!

Hehe. Anyway, it was just a little quickie and I think that it shows well how even the most everyday of locations can inspire and awaken a dormant creative project.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d best go make sure I’ve got everything for tomorrow’s workshop!

See you again soon!


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