Stamp It Sunday 1 – Ahoy There!

Making a fresh start on the Stamp It Sunday mini series of blog posts today – and what better way to be welcomed back than by a muscle-bound tattooed sailor poking his head in your porthole.

Now, stop laughing you naughty person and do have a read …

The stamps for this creation came from Issue 43 of Creative Stamping magazine which features lots of free stamps designed by Sheena Douglass.

Here is what I made with a few of the free stamps included.

Stamp Sunday 1.1

Cool isn’t it?

Would you like to know how I made this? If so, then read on my lovelies.

First thing first, let’s get our cheeky sailor man into the scene.

He was stamped out using black archival ink onto plain white cardstock.

Stamp Sunday 1.2

I used the second generation ink – i.e. the stuff left on the stamp – to stamp onto a large sticky note.

Stamp Sunday 1.3

I then cut this out and stuck it over my man before stamping the porthole over him. I positioned the porthole so that it looked like he was leaning in/out.

Stamp Sunday 1.4

That worked quite well.

Stamp Sunday 1.5

But what will it look like without the mask?

Stamp Sunday 1.6


Time to get cracking with the colouring pencils – nothing fancy, just a pack of 36 from WHSmith.

Stamp Sunday 1.7

Gave him a big ginger beard and blue eyes – quite a stunning combo but rare indeed!

For the porthole I tried to get a metallic look by leaving white blank streaks and then highlighting the roundness of the shape.

Stamp Sunday 1.8

To finish I stamped out the ‘Ahoy There’ sentiment onto white cardstock and then layered this and the design onto black and gold cardstock.

Stamp Sunday 1.12

Stamp Sunday 1.11

Stamp Sunday 1.10

And, as you saw at the start of the post, finished with a rather fetching man popping his head through my porthole.

Stamp Sunday 1.9

No, now behave will you?!

Anyway, that’s about it for this one. Hope you enjoyed it, and can stop laughing – probably easy if you don’t have a filthy mind …

Creative Stamping magazine and colouring pencils are available online via the following retailers.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. See you again next Sunday for the next installment!

Bye for now.

J :)


16 thoughts on “Stamp It Sunday 1 – Ahoy There!

  1. Stamping is one of the things I truly love to do but which I don’t do often enough because of all the other lovely things I love to do. Your post has reminded me of the fun of stamping – thank you! Liz x

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  2. My thoughts are that this sailor reminded me of you!!! I don’t think you have blue eyes but you do have the beard!!!

    Happy crafting!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. H Ha wgat fun John, sooo good . It’s a while since I used this technigue, Must do it again. Thanks for the Demo, you always do them well.
    Dorothy x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I must admit, I only started following you when you started on your crusade for Mind, so all this is new to me. Very handy, I’m not the best at stamping. The only thing is, if I follow your lead with this, will I end up with a handsome man looking through my pothole…….???!!! Anne x

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