How To Use Embossing Powders With Hot Foil Stamps and Dies

How To Use Embossing Powders With Hot Foil Stamps and Dies

When working on some new demonstration ideas for an upcoming TV show, about the hot-foil dies that I created for Couture Creations, I stumbled across an old technique that worked well at creating a new no-foil style and wanted to share that with you.

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So, anyway, the old technique that I am referring too is heat embossing with embossing powders. This is how it looks when done in conjunction with a hot foil die, hot off the press, as it were.

How To Use Embossing Powders With Hot Foil Stamps and Dies

Can you believe we used to have to do this over an old bread toaster or gas hob ring and hope that the paper didn’t catch fire?! Ahhh, the good old days, lol!

In this scenario, you don’t need a hot foil system to use the dies or achieve the technique. Just a regular die cutting machine and of course the bits with which you would heat emboss – pigment inkpad/heat gun/powder.

If you’ve done crafts for a while, you’re probably likely to have them.

Embossing Powders

Obviously, if you need an enabler to INSIST that you purchase new embossing powders then please allow me to help – go shopping, get some.

Did that help? Lol!

One tool that you might not expect to use for this technique is a brayer. I will explain a little more in the video but it makes it much easier to get the ink onto the die in a “clean” and “crisp” manner.

Before the video that I keep going on about,I would like to share a few pictures of cards where I have used this technique with hot foil sentiments dies.

How To Use Embossing Powders With Hot Foil Stamps and Dies
How To Use Embossing Powders With Hot Foil Stamps and Dies

Now, I could bore you with a load of typewritten instructions but quite honestly, the older I get, the less time I like to sit typing, or reading, or correcting my spilling and grammer, or interacting with people. LOL!

Actually, the real reason was that I thought that it would be much easier, and more useful, to show you how I did it so that you can follow along if you wanted.

So, here’s the video – enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed that and will keep it in mind the next time you are thinking about whether or not to grab a hot foil die – there’s so much more to them!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

20 responses to How To Use Embossing Powders With Hot Foil Stamps and Dies


    Thank you John for sharing this idea. I have to confess I have given up trying to use my ‘TODO’ foil dies/plates as the area never seems to heat up sufficiently – not the best machine purchase I’ve ever made, but we learn from mistakes. I too don’t recall the bread toaster being used but I’ve not been stamping for too many years. I could not believe how quiet your heat gun was (I actually thought you had not put it on or the volume was wrong on my machine – lol). Looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow. Take care and hopefully we’ll see you in person demonstrating in the not too distant future.

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    I had a big laugh John when I saw this line in your post “Can you believe we used to have to do this over an old bread toaster or gas hob ring and hope that the paper didn’t catch fire?” Oh yes I can remember that, the toaster and to long a above it you had brown burned paper instead of beautiful embossing. LOL Hurray for the heatguns!
    Your video is great John, this way you stretch your dies. I don’t have hot foil dies but I will try this with a normal die. The tip of using a brayer is great and also I have some embossing powder that doesn’t melt as smooth as I want , I will sure try the tip of melting them on the other side.
    Thanks John for a great post and video, have a wonderful day and stay save and healthy.

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      No worries and glad that you enjoyed the project. All good with you? Do I remember correctly that you were in hospital recently?



        Yes, thank you John, you do remeber it correctly.
        Since a week and a half it is a bit less and I am on medication again. Unfortunately, this is medication that lowers resistance, Prednisone, so it’s a double watch for the Corona virus.
        Fortunately, I have my hobbies and I still enjoy the little things. I hope everything goes well with you, I always enjoy your posts and videos. Take care my friend.

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        Glad to hear that you are out of hospital and wishing you all the best in these uncertain times.

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    I love the look John. Didn’t know this technique before but will definitely use it. Thank you.

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    Margaret McCormack March 17, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Thank you John I always enjoy you’re Videos John and learn so much

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    Thank you for sharing John.

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    Carole Rushton March 17, 2020 at 2:07 pm

    Brilliant technique. Thank you.

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    Joanna Mackintosh March 17, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    Great idea John, thanks :)

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    Amazing, John. You are a very talented young man.



    Thanks for the video it has enlightened me on how to do this technick

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      Great idea! Now I’ve GOT to buy some hot foil dies (hubby is not going to be happy 🙄) as these look so much better than normal dies which I use for heat embossing, which I struggle with anyway, it seems I just can’t do heat embossing lol, but I will try this way.
      Enjoyed your video but is there a way to save it?
      Keep well and safe 🌻



    Thanks for this great unearthed idea, John! Haven’t used embossing powder for a while, but with the impending “lock-down” I might have to get the heat gun out and get embossing. Hope you are well! Take care xx

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    Where the heck is my heat gun buried…. 😊

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    Stunning samples John. Thanks for sharing alternative uses xx Hazel

    Liked by 1 person


    This is useful John, open to loads of long forgotten ideas and possibilities. Thanks. xx

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