The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Hot Foilers – TV Show To Be Postponed

Well, the build-up to tomorrow’s TV show, during which I was to launch the new Gentleman Crafter cut/foil/emboss dies and more, has been intense and I have been teasing you a lot so the news that I have to share with you today is as gutting for me as it may be for you.

Sadly, due to circumstances out of my control – basically the stock not shifting it’s butt across the pond quick enough – the team at Create and Craft have had to make the decision to postpone the show.

It’s a legal thing really. They are not allowed to sell items that they are not reasonably able to turn around and ship to you within a known and acceptable period.

I remember these laws and guidelines from my days as a producer there so can understand, and hope that you will too. Whilst it’s an inconvenience to you and I, our time will still come.

My sympathies are defo with the team at Create and Craft who will now be having to frantically schedule and prepare a whole new show into the slot that I was due to fill – no innuendo, please. Something else that I remember from my days there – it defo makes the day more of a challenge!

On the plus side, I get more time to create some additional ideas and inspiration for you. Something I have not had too much of having been overseas myself for three weeks. So, yaaaay!

Anyway, please accept my thanks in advance for your understanding and continued patience and once I know the new show date, I will let you know.


J :)

20 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Hot Foilers – TV Show To Be Postponed

  1. That’s a shame as was looking forward to this. Nevermind I am sure they will arrive soon. In the meantime I am sure you will be working on more lovely projects.

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  2. Hi John it must be a big disappointment for you but keep in mind …..all good things come to those who wait ….. your time will come and it will be fantastic for everyone. It also builds our anticipation wow can’t wait to see what you do with those scrumptious designs you have been teasing us with. Karen x

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  3. Awww John, you must be so disappointed but never mind, I’ve got things I ought to be doing… and things I want to do so you may have done me a favour 😉 gives me longer to to add a few extra pennies and however long it’ll be worth the wait, already got plans for most of the dies so this extra time means I can (hopefully) get some resources in 👍 Enjoy your extra time for crafting some examples for us to see.

    Big hugs to all, hope everyone is on an even keel XXX

    T x


  4. John, disappointed for you, and me🤭. But maybe it won’t be too long before the stock comes. Really looking forward to seeing your show. Opps🤭 forgot to ask, they will work in Crafter’s Companion Foil Press? Won’t they. Now that would be gutting if the answer was no🙈


  5. oh John what a pain! I have knwn this happen on other shopping channels and we buyers shouls be grateful because the law is there to protect us. Really hope it gets sorted soon though

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  6. It’s a shame John, but understandable. I am expecting your fab foiling dies to sell out very fast so make sure they get plenty of stock over here in anticipation! Clare x

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  7. Ahh. The frustrations of export/import delays – something I deal with every day. Can’t be helped. Will look forward to hearing when the show will be on. A bit more time to save up?

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  8. So sorry John, I think there are a lot of us who were looking forward to seeing you, apart from the dies. Let us know if they re-schedule. I understand, but they have put rubbish on sometimes, that can’t possibly sell, so it seems very unfair not to give you a chance, especially in your own country where you are known and loved. xx

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  9. Oh John, must be very disappointing for you and I, one among many, was looking forward to this launch. However, in this age of instant gratification, having to wait will only heighten the anticipation and pleasure when the product arrives. Give us plenty of notice won’t you ☺

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