Foiled Foiling AND Cryptic Crossword Help Needed

Hey chums, super sorry, however, today’s GoPress show at 11am will now not be going ahead. A shame as I had some cool ideas to share with you.

On the positive side I will be setting aside some time shortly in order to record some videos to add to those that I have already so do keep an eye out for those.

Despite not having the second hour in which to showcase the awesome new cut/foil/emboss alphabet dies I was super happy with yesterday’s show as we got three demos completed and were able to showcase the wonderful creations from the team.

In case you missed the show, here’s a couple of quick snaps of the set and the range.

Still one of my top three fave products and why I keep returning to share my enthusiasm for it. Just look at the variety of techniques that you can achieve by adding this system to your die cutting machine!

The bundle up for grabs during the show was pretty awesome with something for everyone.

The hero of the hour though was for sure the cut/foil/emboss alpha dies. Again, just look at the range of options and styles!

If the words ‘limited’ always gets added to ‘budget’ in your conversations about craft shopping, this was an incredible set to grab.

Anyhoo, I won’t rave any more, I am sure you can work out the potential for yourself.

Here is what the team behind the dream did with the range.

I rest my case!

Hehe, anyway, I mentioned a crossword in the title of this post. The reason for this is that on my way down from Scotland to Peterborough I picked up a newspaper and did the cryptic crossword however three words stumped me good and proper so I wondered if you would help?

The clues causing the issues were –

  • ‘Sea Duck’. 5 letters. EI_E_
  • ‘Cut Off’. 5 letters. _E_ER
  • ‘Hatred’. 5 letters. OD_U_

Pop your thoughts in the comments section below. Doesn’t even have to be the right answers; if anything funny pops up, just pop that in too.

Ok, thanks for tuning into the show and thanks for stopping by this post.

Catch you again soon.

J :)

30 thoughts on “Foiled Foiling AND Cryptic Crossword Help Needed

  1. Eider, sever, odium

    Shame about the cancelled show because I forgot to record the first show so I set the second one to record. I know I can watch the first show on the Create and craft website but I can’t record it from there. I like to have the recording to refer back to. X

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  2. Great post John love the look of all the gorgeous products the team made. Unfortunatley I can’t help you with your crossword puzzle. Have a nice weekend.

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  3. Sorry about today’s show, I was looking forward to it. Can you use the alphabet cut foil and emboss dies just to emboss straight into a card front without cutting out. Val


  4. Hi. Enjoyed your shows. Shame about the 11am show.
    One thing that I can’t seem to do is change the replacement lids. Can you help? I don’t want force it.
    Would be grateful for your wisdom.

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  5. Eider, sever and odium. I hadn’t realised how much I used to enjoy crosswords, I stopped doing them when I stopped buying newspapers……..might do the odd one again. What a shame you’re not back on today, I was looking forward to it. xx

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  6. John. That should read sever and odius not several😗😗 Not sure about the sea duck. Sorry your show isn’t on as I’m typical of a lot of folks bought the foiling machine and hardly used it, you make it look a lot of fun.

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