Artist Trading Card Daily - 51.2

Artist Trading Card Daily – 51

Soooo, I lost enough internet to keep blogging my daily ATCs but now I’m back! I’ll be posting a few singles over the next few days and will then try and post two per day over the next couple of weeks until I have caught up – so don’t forget to check your inboxes!

(I’ll be backdating these too so that they fit in chronologically with the rest – so it might seem weird for a bit while I catch up).

Today’s ATC features something that has been lacking of late and was made to remind everyone of what we all need in life!

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Artist Trading Card Daily – 1

So this year I decided that I wanted to have a daily post on my blog but was a little concerned as life can sometimes take up a lot of the time that I would have ordinarily dedicated to the blog.

For this reason, and seeing that some of my friends were doing something similar, I thought that I would aim for some little makes, such as Artist Trading Cards.

This post therefore is the first in a 365 blog post series showing off a range of the little critters that I have been making in those little snatched moments of creativity.

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