Artist Trading Card Daily – 1

So this year I decided that I wanted to have a daily post on my blog but was a little concerned as life can sometimes take up a lot of the time that I would have ordinarily dedicated to the blog.

For this reason, and seeing that some of my friends were doing something similar, I thought that I would aim for some little makes, such as Artist Trading Cards.

This post therefore is the first in a 365 blog post series showing off a range of the little critters that I have been making in those little snatched moments of creativity.

This first one is all about friends. I have been very lucky this year to have had some very dear friends stick by my side when things have been a little rocky.

It also ties in one of my other delights in life – CAKE! lol!

Artist Trading Card Daily - 1

The cake was made using a free stamp that I received some time ago with a magazine. I stamped it directly onto the ATC panel. I also stamped a second one onto a spare piece of cardstock and then coloured it using Spectrum Noir pens.

The background was made using Spectrum Noir pens and a little spritzing of felt-tipped pen.

I then layered this onto some black cardstock and again onto the main ATC.

Having done the background I cut out the coloured cake and, using some 3D Glue Gel, positioned it directly on top of the original stamped outline.

The banner was made using a sentiment stamp from the same set that the cake came from.

A little bling (mini gems) to finish and the project was done.

Hope you like this first one – and can visit to see the collection as it grows.

If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to use the comments section below.

Many thanks for stopping by. See you next time.

J :)

15 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 1

  1. John, quick question, what is dimensional glue. Sounds interesting and hope it is away to replace those little bits of foam I stick on things.
    Back to your ATC’s such a brilliant idea. i have so many images I have coloured but just get turned off having to work out how to incorporate into a card. This is so so clever, I love the idea. Thank you so much for sharing


    • Aileen, dimensional glue is a thick adhesive that dries without spreading or running. Its used by a lot of crafters/artists in place of foam pads. Lots of brands available but i prefer Pinflair Glue Gel as its odourless (unlike silicone glue).
      Hope this helps. J :)


  2. Hi John, a very Happy New Year to you my friend. Well, third time lucky to get this comment posted…it’s a sad thing when you can’t remember your password lol.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful idea, John. The cake looks scrumptious by the way. I quite often sit looking at a blank sheet of cardstock wondering what on earth I’m going to do with it, now thanks to you I know…I’m going to chop it up!! Thanks also for reminding me of the right size for an ATC.
    I think even I can manage to make a new design each day, although I guess that tomorrow I need to make three to keep up with the days lol. I can’t wait to see your next design.
    Happy Crafting.
    Bejay xx

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  3. Happy New Year to my fav crafter. Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration you share with us, must be hard when there is so much to do and so little time. Have a bigga cake this time round and that should assist the creativity in you. THANKS

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  4. Your first step is taken! what a brilliant idea, small and easy to do in a day ~ just what I need to encourage me along the wibbly wobbly path of getting to know some of the mountain of crafting equipment I bought last year on impulse! First, I need to go clear some space! Happy New Year, John ~~~

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  5. Hi John,

    I have those stamps. I tend to use bigger stamps so I’ve always been at a loss with what to do with them just due to the size. Perhaps I should be thinking outside the box more! The tiny cake makes a good background when stamped multiple times.

    Have also thought I’d use small cards/ atcs to practice techniques or ideas on as often that A5 or 8×8 base can look pretty daunting! Maybe it’s because I can’t craft as much as I’d like I feel lost and just faff, achieving very little. I think it’ll give it a try. I also like to draw so can think of uses there too. There’s zentangle too. I think an ATC would look nice on a card too.

    So for me, atc’s may well play a part in my 2015 just not in the traditional sense.

    Thanks for the reminder John, have a lovely 2015


    T x

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  6. This is a lovely idea John doing a post everyday. I love this first one, and like you I love cake. Totally love the style of the ATC. Carol

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  7. Cute card, John! Could you explain how you use an ATC card? Thinking they might be good to give out like to the gals at our front desk at the Comminity Center, or a friend who did something special for you, or maybe one of our exercise trainers – just a little Thanks or something to let them know they are appreciated. Is this the purpose of them? Looking forward to 2015 and your daily blogs! Hugs!

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    • Hi Diana, they were ‘invented’ a good while back by artists as a sort of business card to show small examples of their skills & styles. They then became collectible and people swapped & collected. These days the only ‘real’ rule left is the size, which has to be 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
      You can do whatever you wish with them.
      J :)


  8. This just made me think of my best friend who is away on holiday she would love it as I do and she loves cake
    I’ll have to make her one . Thankyou John . Happy new year . X

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  9. I do not know where you grew up, but we learned that one wishes a Happy New Year on a day like this.
    Would this be a proper card it would have been nice. The purpose of ATC is not clear to me, but that is surely only me.


    • Denise Artist trading cards were first used so that crafters Artists could show of their work and also share personal details they were never sold only given away or swapped with other people. I hope to see more of your tiny works of art and a great way to get that craftie fix we all need every day big love marc


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