Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 8

Monday Mash Up – Colour, Cut and Layer

This week’s Monday Mash Up really is a blending of various things.

The result though is quite ‘clean’ and classic.

The first thing that I did for this one was to create a circular design using my Inkadinkado Stamping Gear.

Fairly simple you may say however I did go through about ten trials before choosing the very first one that I did.

I had already got in mind that I wanted to do something with watercolours so I stamped the design out onto a sheet of watercolour card stock.

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 1

I then set to work with the watercolour paints and a 00 size paintbrush, colouring in the flowers in different colours.

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 2

After this had dried, I added shading with some watercolour pencils and a pencil blender.

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 9

mmmm, look at the pretty pencils all lined up in their tin and smelling all gorgeous … *happy sigh*

Anyway, here’s the design with a little pencils shading.

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 3

(Here’s a closer look)

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 4

I then layered this up onto some purple and green cardstock. Mostly because I am trying to break away from just matting and layering with black, but also because these colours complimented the design.

Hit a snag at this point as I couldn’t decide between a scalloped centre panel or a circular one. I cut both using some nesting dies to test the look. See what you think…

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 6

or this

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 5

Ok, ok, there’s probably not much between them, but as the sides of the card were straight, I went with the straight edged circle.

(oh, you may have noticed that I also added some self adhesive gems too Рwell spotted! In fact I also made the colours of these move forward one, i.e. the red went onto the yellow and the yellow onto the blue etc Рthought that this would stop each flower looking samey and also to bring the colours through each other).

Anyway, waffle, waffle, waffle. Moving on…

I created the sentiment in Brother Scan N Cut Canvas using one of the pre-installed fonts and cut it out on the Brother Scan N Cut with some self adhesive vinyl.

I then transferred this onto the centre panel with transfer tape and popped it all onto the card with some Pinflair Glue Gel.

Et Voila!

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 7

And this my friends brings this post to a close.

Here is the finished card.

Monday Mash Up - To A Special Friend - 8

I say card, it’s actually just the topper. I did have in mind to mount this onto something, like a box, but ran out of time to make it before I had to get this post all done.

I’m sure that you can imagine a box though, right?

Well, it’s been fun but I must dash as I have a numb bum and there is a jam and cream scone waiting for me in the kitchen.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comments box below.

To all of my special friends out there in the blogiverse – take care and see you next time!

J :)

36 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up – Colour, Cut and Layer

  1. Lovely Card John, not sure whether I prefer the straight or scalloped border as they both go so well. I’m very impressed with the colour pencil shading it looks really professional so well done you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pretty card John, but I had to laugh at your last comment – if you keep eating the jam and cream scones, you will have enough padding that your bum won’t get numb. Ask me how I know this!


  3. Oh John this is such a pretty card and the addition of the gems was an inspired idea. It gives it that extra something which brings the whole thing together like a well rehearsed choir. I’d be thrilled to bits and pieces to receive it through the post – as I’m sure your intended recipient will be.

    Thank you for your lovely posts. I visit often and read lots but never comment as I can never think of anything different than everyone else has already said. (I think there’s also a bit of shyness there too).


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