Artist Trading Card Daily - 39.4

Artist Trading Card Daily – 39

This one is entitled “I’ve No Idea What I Was Thinking – It Just Happened Like This”.

When you see the creation, you’ll understand.

If I’m honest, I can’t even tell you if there was a theme or an inspiration as I don’t remember when I started this one (it started out as something else entirely).

Artist Trading Card Daily - 39.1

After all, who else would do an artist trading card showing a jar full of eyeballs exploding all over the place?

Anyway, if you haven’t clicked away because this is just too weird then you may be interested in how it was created.

The background was originally to be a zentangle doodle project. I had drawn a range of intersecting lines and was going to create different patterns in each wedge however I got carried away with the little circles. Having abandoned it as the “real” project it sat around my desk for a while.

Whilst sitting there a few days later I was looking through my Spectrum Noir pens and wondering what I would use the fluorescent set for and then as if by chance I spotted the castaway piece of card. So I thought, it’s not wasteful as it was just laying around waiting to be thrown away (I hadn’t had a tidy yet). So I smeared the fluorescent yellow pen all over the card.

I thought that this looked a little like a chemical explosion but I still wasn’t thinking that this was going to be anything.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 39.3

It was only much later that I was having a browse of my Inkadinkado stamps that I came across a set that I had forgotten about. It had jars with brains and eyeballs in. A light bulb came on with a “ping”!

I stamped out the jar with archival ink, coloured it with the same pen and then glazed the eyes with Diamond Glaze. As it dried I created some more eyeballs.

When all was dry I chopped of the lid and cut out the spare eyes. I then stuck the jar on the ATC with some Pinflair Glue Gel

I then chucked on a load of glitter glue, adding to the explosion look and finally stuck the spare eyes on, to make them look as if they were bursting from the jar.

Artist Trading Card Daily - 39.4

Wow! What a zinger! And all from what would have been rubbish. See – DON’T TIDY UP YOUR CRAFT ROOM!

Lol (no, do, or you won’t find anything).

Anyway, that’s it for another ATC.

Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to pop them in the comments section below.

See you tomorrow …

J :)

22 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 39

  1. Wow – this is the craziest thing (in the best possible way I have to say quickly!) … I’m amazed! Absolutely love it and the colours etc used are perfect! Well done again John ….. SO glad you got that phone call too :) x


  2. Hello John
    Fabulous! I, too, usually like elegant but this is brilliantly artistic ! Quite Freudian! It is great to go where the mind wanders for no good reason.


  3. Before I saw they were eyeballs I though “What on earth???” they look like eyeballs. First reaction Ugh! Eyeballs; Second reaction Great topper for a Hallowe’en card with a twist! Sorry, not my cup of tea, eyeballs, but I love the colours and would make this for Hallowe’en if I had any odd eyeballs rolling around :)


  4. Whatever you’ve been drinking, I think I need some! I have loads of bits on my craft desk that didn’t quite turn out as planned … Love this!!!


  5. I didn’t realise they *were* eyeballs at first! Just saw an explosion :) I’ve just sent the link to this to a friend of mine who keeps ‘binning’ her artwork ‘cos she’s not happy with it, I say she should hold on to it for a while until it inspires her… it obviously does with you. I love the result here.


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