Scan N Cut Saturday – Transferring Left-Overs

A quick test lab video today showing some pros and cons when transferring the left-over cuts from your cutting mat.

Scan N Cut Saturday - Transferring Left-Overs

Here is one of the test pieces after being transferred.

Scan N Cut Saturday - Transferring Left-Overs

If you would like to know more and hear some tips, tricks and pitfalls, just hit play on the video below.

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Right, that’s it for this post.

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7 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday – Transferring Left-Overs

  1. Great video John, I have never thought about it to use the left overs from the mat. Although back in the days it was commen to use special low stick adhesive strips for the left overs of a sticker sheet and I used it in the same way you showed how to use these left overs.
    Thank you so much for the great comparison, stay safe and have a beautiful day.

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  2. Thanks John, a very useful video. I often look at my cutting mat after I’m done cutting and think it looks better than the actual project! Clare x

    Liked by 1 person

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