Black Friday and Cyber Monday – All Scan N Cut Courses On Sale

It is that time of year again where deals are a plenty in the online world, and my little corner of the web is no exception as I have knocked the one-time enrolment fees for all three of the Scan N Cut online learning courses down to their lowest possible price so it’s a great time to get creatively confident and finally start using that Scan N Cut to it’s full potential.

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Design and Make a Memory Book with the Brother Scan N Cut

Scan N Cut Saturday – Design and Make a Mini Book with Your Scan N Cut

If you follow me on social media, you will likely have seen me blabbering on about this in the last day or so but in case you don’t, or haven’t seen the posts yet, I am truly excited to have released a brand new Scan N Cut course in which Cal Summer, mini-book expert, and I will teach you how to design and make a mini book album from scratch using Canvas Workspace and your Brother Scan N Cut!

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Scan N Cut Saturday – Single Line Fonts, What Are They, Where To Find Them and How Do I Use Them?

When you think of a font that you use with your computer, you would likely think of those installable collections of characters that you can then select from a drop-down menu in your software and type away with your swishy new text style.

These are known as either .TTF (True Type Font) or .OTF (Open Type Font).

But what are single line fonts, where do we find them and how do we use them?

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