DIY Drinks Coaster Scan N Cut John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (6)

Creating Coasters With The Scan N Cut, Or Not. THAT Is The Question. Also, A Load Of Waffle About D/W Safe Mod Podge – Oh, And Some Pictures…

Hallo, all. A thought occurred to me the other day that I have gathered a fair few newbies over the last few years that may have missed out on some of the stuff in the archives.

So, as the exciting month of March rapidly approaches time will be limited for me to create new content so I thought that it was a serendipitous opportunity via which I could dive into the archives to share some older, but still very popular, videos and tutorials.

Just before I do though, I have one technique that I would like to share with you and it’s double trouble as it CAN be done on the Scan N Cut, but, I will be asking you the question, should it … ?

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