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As you know I tend to try and keep abreast of all things Scan N Cut so I have been eager to find out more about the Scan N Cut DX which launches in the US next week.

Whilst I still haven’t got my hands on the new machine, nor been able to pin down a launch date for other areas of the world, I have been able to do a bit of research into what’s new and compile a list of information and resources that may be of interest to those that are waiting to see what’s new.

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Well, quite excited about a couple of things today as Brother have released a Windows Installable Version of their Canvas Workspace and have also added a couple of useful extras to that version too.

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As the beginner Scan N Cut workshops will be coming to an end with the workshop in Bournemouth in April, I have been working on the next step in these popular learning experiences.

Feedback from previous workshops has been wide and varied but the common factor was that you were interested in taking things further and going beyond the basics in a project-based workshop.

For this reason, I have put together what I believe will be four fun projects that will help you when working with different materials and also to get more out of the Scan N Cut machine and also Canvas Workspace.

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