GoPress And Foil Version 2

GoPress And Foil 2 On Create And Craft TV Tonight

Back in July the UK got it’s first taste of the GoPress & Foil system. Since then the team that developed it have come up with some new ideas for using the system and have therefore re-designed the system to enable us to do more!

I am therefore well excited to be bringing you version two of this incredible creative craft room tool via Create & Craft TV tonight!

I have even put together a little video to help explain the new ‘bits’.

Just before you hit play though, I’d just like to remind you of a couple of things.

First, I have other videos highlighting the creative abilities of the GoPress and Foil in the following blog posts.

There will also be more on the way.

Second, if you would like to know when the shows are going to be on, or would simply like to get yourself a GoPress And Foil, then please do head over to

Just a heads up, it’s only been on a few times and has sold out each time so if you’ve been waiting, today is the day!

Many thanks for stopping by and I hope to share more with you in the near future.

Best wishes,

J :)

15 thoughts on “GoPress And Foil 2 On Create And Craft TV Tonight

  1. Is the go press a UK plug or a EU plug. Also does it come with the metal plate. I really want to order one. I have the todo but didn’t like it just hope this is better.


  2. Hi John
    Had not seen the GoPress till I saw you on C&C and despite just having had a clear out and promising not to buy more, especially as I have a TODO, (which I find difficult to use) I fell for the GoPress. It arrived on Saturday and I am very impressed with the machine and have been experimenting all weekend! J just wanted to say how well it works with Tattered Lace Whitework dies. Cheerio, off to try different materials now, I am thinking Angel fibres.
    Thank you for introducing me to GoPress foiling.

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  3. I really should stop reading your blog – I’ve just been online and ordered one – after watching your videos – so much for my economy drive!!! – you’re such a bad influence!! lol


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