GoPress And Foil – 17 Creative Techniques With The GoPress And Foil System

September 16, 2017 — 5 Comments

Today I was at Craft World in Glasgow demonstrating the GoPress and Foil system to anyone that fancied popping in for a natter.

Whilst practicing with it last week I created 16 technique videos that I decided to share on YouTube.
GoPress And Foil - Technique - Social

These videos are part of a series sharing various techniques that can be achieved with the GoPress And Foil System from Couture Creations.

Each video is a bite-size guide to achieving a different technique and can be watched individually or as part of the playlist on YouTube.

Not got a GoPress And Foil System yet? Please head over to Craft World in Glasgow or Create And Craft TV today to grab yours!

If you liked what you saw, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also spread the word to your creative friends.

Thanks for watching!

5 responses to GoPress And Foil – 17 Creative Techniques With The GoPress And Foil System


    O sent mine back although I was looking forward to receiving it. It was used with an eBosser and stopped working within the first minute. So disappointed. I agree that I’ve stopped spending for a while expect for things on the SnC and some dies – well at least that is the intention!!!



    I have got a Grand Calibur will it work with this machine? A possible add to my Christmas list if it fits. Thanks



    I’m afraid I’ve got to the stage where I’ve got to stop buying for a while, in fact I’m going to have to get rid of some stuff, I’ve got so much, I can’t find half of it, so it stays packed up. Did you have a good day John? x

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