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GoPress And Foil – 17 Creative Techniques With The GoPress And Foil System

Today I was at Craft World in Glasgow demonstrating the GoPress and Foil system to anyone that fancied popping in for a natter.

Whilst practicing with it last week I created 16 technique videos that I decided to share on YouTube.
GoPress And Foil - Technique - Social

These videos are part of a series sharing various techniques that can be achieved with the GoPress And Foil System from Couture Creations.

Each video is a bite-size guide to achieving a different technique and can be watched individually or as part of the playlist on YouTube.

Not got a GoPress And Foil System yet? Please head over to Craft World in Glasgow or Create And Craft TV today to grab yours!

If you liked what you saw, please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also spread the word to your creative friends.

Thanks for watching!

12 thoughts on “GoPress And Foil – 17 Creative Techniques With The GoPress And Foil System

  1. Hi I am struggling getting a clear and fully foiled image using the sample dies and other sentiment dies bought especially for this machine I use a Cut n Boss and have tried many combinations- with shims, without shims, passing through twice, leave to cool but some of the image is missing or some is “smudged”, foil in places other than the image too sometimes – depending on how I do it. I really want to use this foil machine and will persevere but please do you have any further hints I have followed the instructions and also watched You Tube but cannot get a good image I used a TODO Pecan hot die image and it came out quite nicely. Thank you so much


    • This is sad to hear however please do persevere as when you hit that result, you will be elated. Really it is down to the shims. One tip would be that you really need less pressure than you think. You mention the Cut N Boss, are you using the B plate with the sandwich or an alternate combo?


      • Hi took me a while to reply sorry but haven’t had much time to re-try it!! I am using the B plate having used the A plate prior and realised this was too much pressure But I am still getting over foil around the image and I am trying other card shims – the over foil varies even when using identical layers and just repeating the procedure The good thing is the image itself is pretty good but need to get the surrounding foiling sorted I will keep trying though and would appreciate any advice please Thank you

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  2. I cannot get my go press and foil plate to go through my cut n boss or my grand calibre. All the shows said it would work with most die cutting machines including electronic. These 2 must be by far the most bought machines am I doing something wrong. Ironically it works on my Todo with the green plate removed. Did you get yours to work?


  3. O sent mine back although I was looking forward to receiving it. It was used with an eBosser and stopped working within the first minute. So disappointed. I agree that I’ve stopped spending for a while expect for things on the SnC and some dies – well at least that is the intention!!!


  4. I’m afraid I’ve got to the stage where I’ve got to stop buying for a while, in fact I’m going to have to get rid of some stuff, I’ve got so much, I can’t find half of it, so it stays packed up. Did you have a good day John? x

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