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During the recent shows on Create and  Craft TV, I discovered more cool creative technique for using the GoPress and Foil system.

Got a mo? Then let me share them with you.

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Hopefully, in recent weeks you’ve seen my demonstrations on Create and Craft TV or on YouTube for the GoPress & Foil machine.

If so, I am pleased to share another cool idea for using this innovative system to spice up your ribbon stash.

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Back in July the UK got it’s first taste of the GoPress & Foil system. Since then the team that developed it have come up with some new ideas for using the system and have therefore re-designed the system to enable us to do more!

I am therefore well excited to be bringing you version two of this incredible creative craft room tool via Create & Craft TV tonight!

I have even put together a little video to help explain the new ‘bits’.

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Well excited about this blog post as it sees episode 1 of GCTV – Gentleman Crafter TV – go out on YouTube!

Hoping to create a video each week so that we can have some time together – cute, eh?

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