GoPress And Foil - Technique 18 - Hot Foiling Onto Satin Ribbon

GoPress And Foil Technique – Hot Foiling Onto Satin Ribbon

Hopefully, in recent weeks you’ve seen my demonstrations on Create and Craft TV or on YouTube for the GoPress & Foil machine.

If so, I am pleased to share another cool idea for using this innovative system to spice up your ribbon stash.

Just before I get to share the video, couple of things that I need to let you know about.

Firstly, if you need any more info on the GoPress and Foil machine, do check out these other blog posts.

Also, if you’ve decided to grab one of these cool tools for yourself, please do visit and nab yours today.

Ok, nuff waffle, let’s crack on with the video!

Many thanks for visiting/watching. More is on the way.

Hope to see you again soon!

J :)

3 thoughts on “GoPress And Foil Technique – Hot Foiling Onto Satin Ribbon

  1. Can you please advise what plates to use with the GoPress and Foil in the eBosser. It doesn’t work with no plates but I cant find the correct mixture its either too thick and wont move or too thin and does nothing.


  2. Ooh John just a quick share…not able to resist a bargain…I bought a couple of the foiling kits that CnC had the other week…for foiling with a lamenator…even though I don’t own a laminator:: )
    As I suspected …they work with heat so I slapped a sheet of copier paper on my Todo hot plate, then put the preprinted toner card design on top…pattern visible! Covered to keep heat in and gave it a minute or two as you would a plate/stamp, then added the foil and proceeded as usual.
    TaDaah! Beautiful…IH yeah….using the laminator styled foil NOT the Tido or GoPress stuff.


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