All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – A Series Of Surprises And One Serious And Immediate Issue For Maisy

June 5, 2016 — 20 Comments


So, as you may have guessed from the news about Maisy, Friday didn’t start as planned.

As a result of the can-do cats it did however go better than planned.

The day started early with dropping Maisy off in the hands of the pros.

All Counties Craft Challenge

I paced the floor like a worried parent; half expecting them to say that she was unfixable – it was an oil change for goodness sakes!

Anyway, the news came back shortly that she had been ‘done’ and we hit the road; heading, Stourbridge in Worcestershire.

First stop was to collect some bits and pieces from Mountain Ash Crafts that I would be using for the demonstrations in the morning.

Pulling up I felt quite relaxed for some reason …

All Counties Craft Challenge

Not a bad view from the parking lot!

Mountain Ash Crafts is part of a larger complex in a working vineyard – no, I won’t be sampling anything as I have more driving to do.

Bits lobbed into Maisy and we headed for a resting spot. I have a confession to make, I had to type ‘where am I’ into google. I did however forget that I had location settings disabled so it thought I was still in Peterborough.

Eventually I sussed out that I was in Chapel Lane. What town that is in, I still don’t know. This county hopping is very disorientating!

Sheesh! Think it’s time to get everything ready for the workshop and hit the hay!



20 responses to All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – A Series Of Surprises And One Serious And Immediate Issue For Maisy


    A truly fabulous, enjoyable and engrossing read. Such wonderful memory making happenings and joy shared with others. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I couldn’t make it to the workshop you had near to where I lived due to illness, but keeping up with your travels is the very next best thing. ~ Cobs. x


    Wendy Thorburn June 7, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Fabulous, I really enjoyed reading about your antics and seeing tthe happy faces and lovely projects! When are you coming to Wiltshire?Wx


    Elaine Jacobs June 6, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    Yes take notes and get the book under way! Great style of wrighting. If your up Chester-Le-Street way, can you come and show me how to get to grips with my ScanNCut. Like your style of teaching, Mel gets too excited!



    Shame there is no camera crew filming all this for a documentary wouldmbe hilarious.

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    Lynne Nicholson June 6, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Well done John for coping with Maisie’s oil change. I had a hospital appointment I like to arrive early to avoid my panic attacks. A week early is probably a bit too much!! I wrote it on my calendar at the same time as a second appointment for 6 July – oh well a bit of retail therapy and then settled in for watching you on c&c.



    Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with everyone – it’s great to feel as though we are part of your journey. Take care xxx Liz



    Hope you’re keeping notes on your travels for your book! What ? You mean you’re not going to write a book? Well you should , I like you’re writing style.

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    Thanks for the update. The workshop at mountain ash crafts was superb.
    Hope your shows go great have set the recorder as I’m at work.

    Stay safe



    Hi John

    What an epic week you’ve had! Firstly, I have to say all the artwork I have seen by your participants has been wonderful. Some terrific work there I’d happily hang on the wall.

    Well done on dealing with Maisie’s little issue. That must’ve felt so good. Proud of you :-)

    I’ll be watching during the week when I can, might try and email in and say hello!

    I love reading your diary, it’s like I’m travelling round the country with you.

    Big hugs and happy thoughts to you and your readers!

    T x



    Well your life isn’t dull!! I know I keep saying this but wow! I mean you just got up and went for it!! Looking forward to seeing you back on TV tomorrow



    Great blog John. It’s lovely to hear of your ventures – warts and all. Your workshops always look like a lot of fun.

    Keep up the good work x


    Olive Ann Jones June 5, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    brilliant account of your journey, hope to hear more soon xx



    love your adventures John, but you must be bushed!
    when are you going to get your oil changed.
    crafty hugs sarah x


    Phyllis Elias June 5, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Your blogs are wonderful and it is a joy to read them because it is as though you are sitting in my study telling me of your adventures. I am still hoping you can come up to Gretna, and my offer of free parking on my enclosed drive is genuine. I know there are lots of crafters round here, and I am sure I could organise something for you given a little warning.



    Great blog John, love following your journey. Looking forward to seeing you on TV this week, have learned much about my SnC from you. Xx



    Thanks for your updates John, I enjoy reading them and seeing all the creations. I applaud your honesty as to how you are feeling at times, I can relate well. I just hope you don’t feel anxious when I have my one-to-one with you……I will be the anxious one 😝

    You’re doing brilliantly


    Handmade By Deborah June 5, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Wow – what a week :)

    Many, many congratulations for dealing with all that!

    You dealt with some potentially challenge-stumbling issues and made some beautiful creations and friends along the way :) – I thought I recognised Jean from the Surrey workshop!

    Looking forward to your shows on C&C this coming week and reading more of your journeys – good luck with Deano ;)

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    I look forward to your blog, and today it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had one of those days when you are fed up for no reason, and haven’t got much done because you couldn’t be bothered……..then later on think about all the things you could have done, which makes it worse. Sorry, I won’t go on, but then your blog came, and I chuckled several times, so that’s one of your good deeds for today. Looking forward to seeing you this week. x


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