All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – On the TV, On The Road and Lots And Lots Of Rain

June 12, 2016 — 32 Comments

Not a huge amount of different things to report on this week so I’ve managed to keep this down to one page.

I have even included a brief video version for the time-conscious yuppies amongst you!

First, if you haven’t got time to sit and read, please click and watch this short summary video of the week’s action.

For those with the kettle on and a fair few mins spare, please feel free to read on.


This week saw me make a fleeting return to Create and Craft TV in order to put my spin on the Scan N Cut CM900.

It was lovely to catch up with some of the old gang.

All Counties Challenge Diary

Dean presented all of my early morning shows – now that’s a wake up call!

The anxiety has always been rife during live TV appearances; nothing can be predicted or anticipated so it’s all an unknown to some degree. I was therefore glad when positive feedback and requests to do it again soon where shared with me.

All Counties Challenge Diary

It was also great to be able to promote the All Counties Challenge live on air and in person.

Three reasons to smile this week!


Thursday brought another reason to smile as my friend had booked a 1-2-1 with me on the Scan N Cut so I made my way over to her house where she insisted on taking this picture.

All Counties Challenge Diary

After Jo’s workshop we scoffed cake, drank coffee and watch Jeremy Kyle. Standard friend stuff really :)

Late in the evening I set off on the next trip heading towards Sheffield, parking overnight at a service station.


Being greeted by a load of hunky men has often crossed my mind first thing in the morning. Apparently this time they listened!

It was only the Dream Boys on my doorstep!!

Well, not literally. They were in their tour bus and only came out briefly.

Ah well, being prepared for my weekend workshop at Jodie Johnson’s house, I took a rare opportunity to go to bed early as I had to make the drive up to Jodie’s house fairly early on.

What Jodie hadn’t told me was that she lived at the top of a mountain so I did the last couple of miles in second gear.

All Counties Challenge Diary

You can smile with your melon balls in your hand Mrs Johnson.


Jodie had laid out enough space for eight to have a play die with Tonic dies.


It was tidy to start with.

i even got a sneak glimpse of Jodie’s craft room!


However the crafty group were soon arriving and finding their spaces …





… and then filling them.

Chat ranged from nipple clamps to craft trends to me wearing a PVC suit, nipple clamps, wellies and using a sheep as a roving wifi rower with an iPad on the back of it!

Don’t ask.

Jodie had promised us all a light lunch – but then wheeled out two giant salmon, loads of fresh stuff and a plethora of cakes!

The girls soon dug in.



As ever Maisy had to get involved in the end of day photo session.




I made a couple of things during the day.



Please forgive the coffee stains, there was an incident …

Anyway, at the end of the day I set course for my next stop – without knowing the chaos that would ensue due to many parts of the A1 being closed.


I did pull into a layby when it got late but there were some weird things going on behind me …


… so decided to head on an find a quieter place for the night.


I shall be hanging around this neck of the woods for a bit as I need to catch up on emails and messages that have been coming in from all directions.

So, as I sign this off, I shall be opening the email app – *avalanche starts*.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far.

See you again next week!

J :)

32 responses to All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – On the TV, On The Road and Lots And Lots Of Rain


    John will you be doing Edinbugh on your travels I am hooked on crafting and have loads and loads of everything but I would like to see a pro at work it would be nice to meet you.
    Congratulations on you’re devour signed Ina Whelan


    Jean M Knight June 15, 2016 at 8:01 pm

    Hi John and Maisy hope you are both keeping safe and dry. Watched and recorded your session on C and C and thought you were great, didn’t falter once. You made it looks so easy and you have given me the confidents to use my scan and cut more. I cant see it on the map but are you going anywhere near Gloucestershire on your travels. Safe journey to you both hope we can meet one day x



    Gentleman Crafter… the Scan n’ Cut King!

    Looks like we were not the only ones who thought you were ace. I hope the awful weather has not caused you problems. I’ve seen more thunder storms in the last week than I usually see in a couple of years! Hope Maisie is keeping you safe and dry, bless her.

    Looking forward to next weeks’ journal entry. Take care,

    Hugs, T x



    Hi John, I watched the C&C shows on my computer. I wish there was a way to see them on youtube after as I always like to go back and see how things were explained. I like to be able to view it while I do it so I can remember better. Yes, they have 7 day catchup but wish it was somewhere more permanent. This old mind isn’t what it used to be:) Really enjoyed the shows, very good close ups while you were demonstrating the machine and you made it look so easy.
    I think you need to come to the US and do some C&C shows here then zip on over to Utah for a crafting session. There is a Brother dealer just a few blocks from me that does scan & cut classes. I bet you could show them a thing or two and they would be thrilled and so would I.

    Liked by 1 person


    Hi John,
    Have you been taking part in the national pastime of Bacon for Breakfast, Some how it just tastes so much better on the road. I love the crafting and have a Brother Scan and Cut, which is out of the box.
    I still watched you on C&C as I like to pick up tips and ideas from the shows.
    I have a question for you, where do you put all your crafting stuff you need in Maisy. I never seem to have enough room and I have a house. Good Luck with your tour.

    Linda Bevan



    John, I finally got a chance to catch up with this on Monday morning over my breakfast brew. A lovely start to the day. I so enjoyed your appearances on Create & Craft. I’ve only been a viewer since November, so it was my first time to watch you in action. What a natural. I enjoy using my ScanNCut and have learned loads from you and Mel. I hope you had a chance to watch the documentary Thursday on BBC Four titled “MAKE! Craft Britain” (repeated tomorrow, Tues. the 14th and on iPlayer). It was a real joy to see how such diverse groups of people were completely absorbed in the creativity process. It was a true joy to watch, completely captured the essence of what crafting is about, and demonstrated how easily and enjoyably a new crafting skill can be achieved with the assistance of an inspirational teacher. You came to mind as I was watching. Keep up the good work, drive safely and raise loads of dosh! All the best.



    John do you think we could use my scan and cut during my workshop I have my own craft room so that would be great if we could .nita



    Morning John , thank you for sharing Jodie’s fun day of craft I think she is such a talented lady ,I have only started collecting tonic dies they are amazing I don’t know why it has taken me so long. I have looked outside and so I need to decide what to do with my day so I think I am going to get one of Tonics boxes out and do some gluing painting , just a question have you any idea when you will be able to fit in my one to one , nita


    Judith Wright June 13, 2016 at 7:45 am

    Hi John fantastic Scan n Cut shows really enjoyed them just so inspiring thank you. I have booked on the August Hunkydory Preston workshop but to date haven t received any confirmation. I paid by PayPal couple of days ago. I very much look forward to meeting you.



    You were brilliant on C & C, as I thought you would be. I learnt loads from you. You are a complete natural, and showed professionalism through adversity.Lol. If you had any nerves, they didn’t show once, and I’m so pleased you are back on again. The blog is excellent as usual.



    Hi John how I look forward to catching up with what’s going on in your world. When I emigrated I didn’t really miss much because the prospect of enjoying long days in the warm sun was so appealing but after watching you on C&C I can honestly say I really miss C&C and reading about your trip brings a big smile to my face. So a big thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. Keep on moving forward and bringing your warmth and laughter to what you do. By the way I’ve had a scan n cut since they first arrived here in Australia but it’s only with watching you on C&C that I’ve really got around to playing with it properly



      Wow, what a compliment from so far afield – I don’t blame you for emigrating though and at least you can watch C&C online.
      I also have videos on YouTube if you’d prefer shorter bursts of info.
      I wonder if I can arrange an Australian tour?!



        Sounds like a cracking plan to me and yes I watch you often on you tube……very informative …thank you for all the help and advice you are so willing to share with everyone. Keep smiling. Karen


    Dawn Robinson June 12, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    Hi John,

    So enjoying your travelogue! Loved your C&C shows. You explain things so well and come across as so calm and assured. My original Scan N Cut has never been out of the box for reasons I will not bore you with here, but you have certainly inspired me to take the leap of faith and give it a whirl as I now realise what I am missing. Looking forward to seeing you in the North East very soon😊



    Hi John, I really enjoyed the recent ScanNCut shows you did on C&C and I recorded them all as there was so much new useful information! I have just upgraded from a CM300 to a CM700, little did I know, you were going to be on the show 2 weeks later with the CM900 and the monthly payments worked out to be, not too much more!
    Please come to Devon to do a couple off sessions, I have so many friends that are Crafters and I know several places we could have for the day or two? I cannot see on your iteninary that you have visited Devon at all? Come to the Jurrasic Coast and visit my lovely fishing village of Beer, with it’s babbling brook that runs through the village, down to the sea. Beer is famous for Victorian Lace, Lyme Stone Cliffs, a Beautiful Cove, which is a Sun Trap and towards the back of the village, we have Beer Quarry caves, that date back 2000 years, where Beer Lyme Stone has been dug out and is in Exeter Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral, to name a few places!

    I am disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and also suffer from depression, which comes with the disease, but when I had to leave work, making Jewellery and all sorts of Crafting, has saved my life!

    Really hope to hear from John?

    Kind regards

    Jo Winkler



      Jo I am so glad to hear that crafting has had a positive impact on your life. I do indeed have plans for Devom but may be able to do an additional day subject to interest.
      J :)



        I look forward to hearing about you Devon visits, hoping you can come to Beer, as DVLA, has taken my licence away due to the drugs I am taking! Jo X



    Hi John,
    Just wanted to say that I found the C&C shows really useful. I learnt a lot and now I have my universal pen holder I’m off in all sorts of directions ( lots of fun with a glue pen and gilding flakes!). I laughed more than I had in ages with you and Dean. What a team!


  15. June 12, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Dear John, I was wondering if you were coming to Carmarthanshire West Wales at any time? I would be very interested in coming to one of your days. Yours faithfully, Penne Jensen(Mrs)

    Sent from my iPad




    Thought you were brill on c and c, got me thinking about actually buying a scan and cut, do hope you are back soon. Good luck with the weather



    Glad to see all is going well on your travels, so many memories, so much fun! Keep on truckin’. Oh by the way, your stamps are amazing, been playing with them and they are awesome! :) x



    Brilliant as always! Did try to book on Jodies workshop but some lovely, lucky ladies beat me too it. Don’t worry those of us waiting on replies to emails know how busy and swamed you are. You were brilliant on the Scan N Cut shows and I really hope you do more of them.



    Hi John, I watched the Scan n Cut programmes on C&C – brilliant. You are a natural teacher, please do more programmes. Perhaps C&C would consider a programme dedicated to advanced techniques for those of us who have had our machines for some time? Thank you once again. Sue Taylor, Dordogne, France


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