The Key To Happiness (It Could Be Custard Donut Fingers…)

February 22, 2014 — 44 Comments

The key to happiness is quite elusive. According to some rubber stamps that accompanied this month’s issue of Get Stamping the message is clear, “Doing what you like is freedom; Liking what you do is happiness”.

I guess that they have a point.

Anyway, don’t worry, I’m not going to waffle on about philosophy and all that. I think that you can guess that this post is in fact about something that I made with the stamps that I got with the magazine.

Here is said card …

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 15

Definitely proud of this one as all of the design was done by my fair hand as I wielded blending brushes, inkpads and rubber stamps, even the background! *puffs out chest with pride*

I was lucky enough to have just enough time to photograph a good proportion of the steps as I made this card so we’ve got ourselves a full description below of how I went about making it in case you were interested.

So I gathered up a whole bunch of stuff as follows …

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 1This pic shows most of it. I added in the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear rectangular cog later and also didn’t end up using the stazon for much.

Oh yes, Here is the stamp sheet that I was talking about earlier also…

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 2

Lots to choose from :)

I went for the three that are bottom right of the sheet. The crane/stork, the bridge and the sentiment.

The first thing that I did was to cut the all over post it note with the circular spellbinders die and plonk the resulting shape in the upper area of the A6 cardstock. I say plonk, I clearly got the ruler out and checked that it was equidistant, as any good virgo would.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 3

Then it was time to start inking. Using my make shift ink blending brushes (shaving foam brushes for 60p from Wilkos) I blended on the first colour of Tim Holtz Distress Inkpads which was Mustard Seed.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 4

Then I used Spiced Marmalade…

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 5

And finally Aged Mahogany.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 6

I also added some “speckle spots” to the design by spritzing with water and then dabbing away with tissue – I thought that it need it.

By the way, I like it when my brushes are saturated with colour – look how cute the look all lined up and having a natter – now back to work brushes!

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - Inked Brushes

Ok, Ok, they deserve a break. For the next step I used ink blending foam. I tore some paper in half and used this as a mask (to represent mountains) and then blended some ink (the mask covered the top part of the design and I blended the ink towards the bottom area).

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 7

I repeated that a couple more times, moving the mask each time and using less/more ink to give the impression of the hills receeding into the background and then I used the Archival Coffee coloured inkpad to stamp on the bridge.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 8

Then I – woah! What, where did this come from (and what happened to the other one)?! *looks around innocently*

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 9

Mmmm, look at it’s delicious custardiness …

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 10

Ok, I don’t mind if I do – scoff, munch, nom.

Moustache wiped and it was back on with the card I removed the mask and layered the sheet onto some black cardstock; trimming the edges down to 1/16″ with my perfect layers rulers.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 11

At this point I thought that it might look a bit boring just mounted like this (well, let’s say subdued as the scene is ok, but it’s not really making an impact – for me anyway).

So I broke out the rectangular Inkadinkado Stamping Gear cog and paddle along with one of the oriental style Inkadinkado Stamping Gear stamps. Using the Archival Coffee coloured inkpad I stamped out a border pattern onto white cardstock (about A5 in size).

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 13

I trimmed the two short ends of the card a little to make them look like the two long sides and then, using the same Tim Holtz Distress Inkpad colours as earlier, I blended the edges giving it a shaded look. As before I spritzed lightly with water and then dabbed off with tissue paper.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 14

I then added the sentiment and the crane/stork – the sentiment was stamped with black stazon and the stork with the coffee coloured inkpad.

The gold layers were added to give a little “pow” to the design. All were done with the perfect layers rulers in order to make it all neat and proper.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - 15

That, as they say, was that.

Finally, here are a couple of close ups for your perusal.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - Close Up 1The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - Close Up 2

So here is that there card all finished and proud.

The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - Featured Image

What do you think? Not a bad effort eh?

Looking at the sentiment, I can definitely say that I liked what I did here, and the custardy donut finger :)

As ever, if you have any questions or comments about this post, I’d love for you to pop them in the comments section below.

Many thanks for reading. See you again soon.

J :)

44 responses to The Key To Happiness (It Could Be Custard Donut Fingers…)


    Loved the card, ordered the mag but cannot find the inkies stamps, any ideas please?



    Love this card, I have now received the stamps and have made a version of this for my dad’s 80th birthday, thank you John for such inspiration, although I failed to do the border, my card still turned out pretty nice
    Take Care
    Stephanie xx



    After a bit of a lapse in my ideas section this card has set all my little (very little at the mo) grey cells exploding with ideas again. Add miracle worker to your CV John got me up and running again also love the Brother scan n cut. Love all my Brothers have now got 5, printer, embroidery machine, labler, knitting machine and now the newby wish I had more hours lol.



    Love this. The clever use of colour makes it look very oriental. (the border stamps didn’t look Oriental until you coloured it, then it was like magic!)



    WOW! John this is beautiful, too good for a card, looks so good as a picture in a frame.

    Great images to show each step.

    Love and Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx



    Stunning card John. I have these stamps as I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them on the shelf. I have a really important question though….. what happened to the other doughnut ??? Only guilty responses please !



    Hi John, New crafterish (couple months) just bought some distress inks, so your demo and excellent pics will give me good instructions to create and use the tools, Fabulous card and yes I bought the last ‘Get Stamping’ and waiting to find the next one in the shops because the stamps look great so many to use. Brilliant and thanks.



    You did make me laugh reading this and I hope you enjoyed your cake :-) fab card by the way



    Absolutely stunning John, love it.xx



    This is beautiful! Must get the mag so I can have those stamps. Love the colours. XX


    Fliss ( Phyllis ) February 23, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    Great demo, John. Looking forward to future demonstrations, I must get the magazine & get cracking, I’ll try to keep up with you.HaHa! also with the cakes.



    hi john love the card ( and the doughnut ) great tip for the shaving brushes for my distress inks will be buying some of those as I have tried using ordinary sponge but not very successful



    Great card, thanks John, Lots of techniques I want to try out, they all work together beautifully in this card.



    Hi John, this card is absolutely stunning! Love the oriental theme and the way you have used the stamping create the background. Also love the colours that you have used. Time for wilkos I think for some brushes!



    What a fabulous card – and doesn’t the inkadinkado background really make it all pop! (love the inkadinkado system!). Thanks John for yet another amazing post – your step by step guides are so helpful and I’ve learned lots of lovely techniques from them x



    Super card John, and a nice change from all the Brother information.



    What a beautiful card i love it, The step by step guide is fab love the colours well done john xxx



    Love this card , everything blends perfectly together and reflects the sentiment fully .



    Wow this is amazing. I hope you enjoyed the doughnut and coffee. Thank you for the step by step instructions.



    Very very gorgeous.



    John, I adore this card .i love anything with an Eastern look but you have excelled here with the addition of the border with your Inkadinkies’ . I certainly will be giving this a go, I have the Inkies stamps and some similar bridge and stork (from Sheena Douglas)…….guess I have a lot of Eastern stamps, can’t resist them, I just love your idea here it has my mojo a’goin’.
    Love Marian xxxxxxxx



    Can’t do without custard doughnuts, they are brain & comfort food, can see why you needed both, lots of calories being burned creating your stunning card.

    It is very satisfying making something from scratch, love everything about your creation.

    Love my Inkadinkado stamps & gears, am getting the stamp set you used next week.

    Beautiful creation, you should be very proud:-) x



    This is a lovely card, the colours work really well. I saw this stamp set in the news agents but don’t really like oriental although there are some good images in the set. I may change my mind and buy the magazine now.



    Absolutely love this card John, even better I have the magazine and stamps, just waiting for me to have a play with



    This is one of your best. The colours are perfect and I can see it in red with black stamping. Must get the magazine as the stamps look very versatile. Have you tried out your Gelliplate yet?
    X Chris



    Well, if I had any doubts that I need the stamping thingy from Inkadinko you just got rid of them. I may have to get the mag as well. Gorgeous card. And gorgeous cake.



    Hello John, I love your card its brilliant. I am new to stamping but will be having a go. Cheers for the info on the brushes from Wilko’s.



    Stunning card John, thanks for all the details and for making me smile – chattering brushes indeed!



    Love the card and the colours are gorgeous. Lovely background. Must get one of the gears and some stamps.



    Fab card, love the oriental feel. Which magazine was this and is it still available?



    lovely card John x



    So you SHOULD be proud John, your card is amazing, and thanks for the step by step. So glad you enjoyed BOTH the donuts!!! lol



    John the card is stunning. I must get the mag.
    keep bringing us you great ideas.



    Awesome as usual please keep it up to give us inspiration x



    Fantastic, but the doughnut looks good



    What a great step by step, you make it look easy and so much fun with it. Thanks John.



    Love this card! I really like cards where the whole thing has been created, rather than bits of predesigned paper being used. Although having said that, papers make things quicker!! I definitely feel more satisfaction from a finished product when I have printed/coloured all of it. I love the colours you’ve used today as well; nice and summery, to match the shift in weather the last couple of days. Good job!

    And yes, custard doughnut finger things are happiness in all forms!!



    Absolutely stunning,just love it :-)
    But yuck to the custard doughnut,lol
    Definately a Chocolate eclair girl myself… :-)



    WOW John, this is awesome! I love the gorgeous colours you have used to create this work of art. Fabulous stamps too! I hope you enjoyed your cake and tea ;)
    Linda xxx



    Love the card, the stamps look great – and as for the custard doughnut – yum yum my favourite!!


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