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Gentleman Crafters Handy Guides For Pattern Stamping - Blog Image 2

Free Printable Design Grids for Pattern Stamping Part 2

Halloooo you. Welcome to Part 2 of this 2 part series looking at the stamping grids that I have designed and that are available as a free download.

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Gentleman Crafters Handy Guides For Pattern Stamping - Blog Image 2

Free Printable Design Grids for Pattern Stamping Part 1

Halloooo you. I recently highlighted a way of using a light box with some printed grids to create pattern stamping designs and had a fair few questions on where you could get those print outs.

The ones that I used were very old and I created those a long time ago and don’t have the originals so have set about creating a whole new set for you to play with.

Over the next two Stamp It Sunday posts I will be sharing printable grids and design ideas for square designs, rectangular designs, oval designs and circular designs so I hope that you will continue to ‘tune in’ and take a look at these neat little helpers.

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Hello again. My foray into 3D design and printing continues and I thought that it was about time for my naughty sense of humour to make a little impact on the projects that I have been creating.

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Making a fresh start on the Stamp It Sunday mini series of blog posts today – and what better way to be welcomed back than by a muscle-bound tattooed sailor poking his head in your porthole.

Now, stop laughing you naughty person and do have a read …

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Managed to sneak in a little playtime again today and have been working again with the range of products sent to me by Georgina Ford of Designs By Georgina.

I also have a little giveaway too!

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Bags Of Character

November 25, 2015 — 9 Comments

I have been having a go at making gifts bags this week. Something I’ve not really tried before but with the big ‘C’ coming up I thought that I’d like to have a go this year.

This project started out with the Poinsettia Gift Tag Stamp from Designs by Georgina. I stamped this out onto Kraft card using an Archival Inkpad; this was then cut out around the outer edge.

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Ok, so I remembered to do this post. This is a good thing when you consider that just lately my brain appears to be melting away.

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Hello again my lovely readers. How are you today? Well I hope.

Here were are at number 76 in the Artist Trading card 365 challenge and I’ve put the quilling tools down and headed back into the stamp collection for today’s creation.

I don’t know about where you live but the sun has been shining here lately and a lot of nature’s bounty is starting to show signs of popping into life so I thought that I would use this as today’s theme.

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The key to happiness is quite elusive. According to some rubber stamps that accompanied this month’s issue of Get Stamping the message is clear, “Doing what you like is freedom; Liking what you do is happiness”.

I guess that they have a point.

Anyway, don’t worry, I’m not going to waffle on about philosophy and all that. I think that you can guess that this post is in fact about something that I made with the stamps that I got with the magazine.

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