Hand Stamped And Hand Painted Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration - Featured

Hand Stamped And Hand Painted Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration

Day two of the Christmas blog post countdown has arrived! I’ve been making an assortment of Christmas tree decorations over the last few weeks and this was one that I did mid-November on a cold and wintery day – it felt so cold that I thought that it was going to snow!

You can imagine that creating a snow scene was like doing a rain dance but I cranked up the heating and set too.

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Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags - 16

Kraft Card Christmas Gift Tags

Today I’ll be kicking off my Christmas projects (better late than never). These will be a collection of Christmas themed makes and handmade gifts that I have been working on recently.

This first one is a quick and easy range of gift tags that I have been experimenting with that I hope to adorn my handmade Christmas Gifts with.

They use very little in terms of materials but still gave me some freedom in how I decorated them.

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The Key To Happiness Rubber Stamped Card - Featured Image

The Key To Happiness (It Could Be Custard Donut Fingers…)

The key to happiness is quite elusive. According to some rubber stamps that accompanied this month’s issue of Get Stamping the message is clear, “Doing what you like is freedom; Liking what you do is happiness”.

I guess that they have a point.

Anyway, don’t worry, I’m not going to waffle on about philosophy and all that. I think that you can guess that this post is in fact about something that I made with the stamps that I got with the magazine.

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A Christmas Quickie 3

A Christmas Quickie

Recently I picked up Issue 05 of ‘Get Stamping’ magazine at my local newsagents because I loved the look of the free set of clear stamps that came with it.

When a friend came down from Glasgow for a visit last week I realised that I hadn’t done my Christmas cards yet and wanted to give her the card while she was here.

I therefore put together a quick card to wish her a Merry Christmas.

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