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3D Thursday 2 – Darling, You Are A Work Of Art

Hello again. My foray into 3D design and printing continues and I thought that it was about time for my naughty sense of humour to make a little impact on the projects that I have been creating.

First, you may remember last week that I managed to figure out a way of creating 3D prints from my SVG designs with the CoLiDo Compact 3d Printer.

Well, here are a couple of the test prints that I made – I’m thinking cool card front embellishments – what do you reckon?

3D Thursday 3 - 9

Hopefully I’ll get to work on those this week and can share them with you soon.

In the meantime, onto this week’s make.

This one started out with a baroque frame that was printed in white filament and then black acrylic paint was stippled directly onto it, giving a quite distressed look.

Some platinum coloured Ken Oliver Liquid Metal was dabbed onto it with a flat firm sponge so that just the raised bits would pick up the colour.

3D Thursday 3 - 3

3D Thursday 3 - 1

Early on in this design I thought that it would be great to make a ‘mirror mirror’ type thing so took the face from the other week and merged that with the frame in Microsoft 3D builder and printed that; coated it in beige paint and let dry along with the original frame.

3D Thursday 3 - 2

More on the second design another time though.

In the original frame I drizzled some Pebeo Prisme mixed media paint and let it set overnight.

The next day I grabbed an alcohol marker and drew out an abstract face design.

3D Thursday 3 - 5

Then, with a fine tipped paintbrush, I began blocking in the colours of the face.

3D Thursday 3 - 6

With an even finer brush I then outlined the design in black acrylic paint.

3D Thursday 3 - 7

3D Thursday 3 - 8

This was then coated in a layer of clear resin to hold and protect the design.

Time to work on the canvas.

With masking tape applied in three strips I then painted in some lines. The same colour that was used in the face was used for the strips.

3D Thursday 3 - 11

Then, using this cool thin masking tape …

3D Thursday 3 - 10

… I masked off thinner strips and then painted these in.

3D Thursday 3 - 13

The crackled white paint was dabbed through a Folk Art stencil as shown here … oooo, found a quid!!

3D Thursday 3 - 12

Time to rough it up as it was too ‘clean’ for the style of the frame.

First, some distress inks that were softened with spritzed water.

3D Thursday 3 - 14

Then some crackle glaze.

3D Thursday 3 - 15

Finally about twenty other layers of random stuff that I threw at the canvas in order to try and get the ‘perfect’ background including stamps, archival inkpads, aging cream and more.

Some Tim Holtz word stickers were applied to summarize the feeling of the canvas.

3D Thursday 3 - 16

The paper strips were created by crumpling some torn strips of papers and applying various layers of paint. Hmmm, do look a tad like ribbon made out of bacon …

Anyway, here are a few more close ups so you can inspect and critique…

What do you think? A work of art or an abstract gone awry?

Speaking of abstract works of art, here is my Cutterpillar glass mat after I had finished the project …

3D Thursday 3 - 22

… might need a little clean I think.

Right, just about time for me to go.

If you are interested in finding out more about these fabulous machines, why not look out for the shows or head over to Create and Craft TV now.

Thank you for stopping by and reading up on my little creation.

Hope to see you here again next week.

Bye for now.

J :)

9 thoughts on “3D Thursday 2 – Darling, You Are A Work Of Art

  1. Eat your heart out Picasso! Trying to work out who it reminds me of… someone at Create & Craft perhaps?! (Sorry folks, don’t really mean to be rude) Anyway, I think I actually prefer the glass mat abstract – fab colours and textures there. The embellishments look great too. Loving seeing the results of your experiments, keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you have some full on grunge work happening there. I got a bit scared at the “too clean” point as I am more a clean hands crafter but isn’t that the beauty of crafting we could all create such different end results from the same base frame and canvas. Perfect choice of sentiment I love it x

    Liked by 1 person

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