The Sunday Stitch 1 – Hatch-ing A Plan

Today I would like to share a tale of serendipity and chance that will be leading to a new series of blog posts, eventually.

It’s quite a long journey so you may like to grab a brew before you dive in.

Ready, ok? I’ll begin.

The story starts a wee while back when I first got a Brother embroidery machine.

This investment was originally intended to allow me to work alongside my Scan N Cut, and still will in part.

Since then, however, I have been shown a whole new world of incredible creativity that I hope to explore more!

In fact, you may have seen my early attempts in this blog post when I shared some frustrations and some successes.

Now, you know me. I like to design stuff. For me, that’s part of the fun in crafting of any kind.

I think you will understand therefore when I tell you that this is what I now hope to do for the embroidery machine.

What I came to learn however was that I was lacking in some key information and skill so, I went on the hunt for some easy to use software that would hopefully cater for this lack of knowledge until I can wrap my dwindling brain cells around various concepts.

I asked professional chums and also asked the old search fave, the Google.

This nattering and exploration turned up a variety of options.

Some that I had heard of before turned up, such as Embird and Embrilliance, along with a couple of others which seemed to be garnering favour among the pro circuit.

A few keyboard clicks later and I was browsing various websites, reviews and watching umpteen YouTube videos – yes, I am just like everyone else – research, research, research!

Well, when embroidery software prices start quite high and then rise from there, I wanted to make sure that I got it right.

The result of that internet fumbling honed down my options – to just one! This was for several good reasons.

The software in question is called Hatch.

Image of the Hatch Embroidery Website
Hatch Embroidery Website

Why did I settle on this one in particular?

Well, that’s another story in itself…

To see the next part of this story, please use the numbered page links below.

13 thoughts on “The Sunday Stitch 1 – Hatch-ing A Plan

  1. Thanks John I’ve going to have a look as I got a second hand brother innovis 750E for Christmas I love it and need to use it more.

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  2. Do not have embroidery machine, so reading out of general interest in your creativity. When I saw the options for the first time in the post, just seeing digital as part of the package name knew you would choose it. Thank goodness you did not disappoint me John .
    Good luck with the move and creativity look forward to seeing what you share.Jan


  3. I’m off to have a look at this software now John, thanks. I currently own two Husqvarna Viking machines (one no longer embroiders properly so it’s just for plain sewing) and haven’t bought their software for years now as it’s sooooo expensive. I use Embird all the time and have been contemplating getting their digitising package – though I do have millions of designs on my pc already, not sure I really *need* to be making my own anymore :)

    Anyhow, when you come to decorate your own place you should check-out KreativeKiwi Designs for some fab home-decor. Great in-the-hoop placemats, bags, appliqué designs (which are made much bigger than your biggest hoop is) and the best prices (and freebies) anywhere!

    I’ve made some gorgeous, huge mats, a load of very large xmas trees, a fab door hanger for my granddaughter….all sorts :)

    Right, off to see Hatch now, thanks.


  4. I don’t have a embroidery machine but looking forward to your posts, because I always admire your creativity and love to read the proces. Thank you for this post and have a great Sunday.

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  5. You are going to be very busy. I don’t have a machine that embroiders. Wish I did after reading your post. Maybe one day. Look forward to seeing how you go on. xx

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  6. Ooooh you are such a busy bee!! House move…I have just fine that but not in a planned way (umm neither was my last two moves!!!) This time a vehicle rammed another off the road and took out the junction railing, my front door and the adjacent one and the wall between.
    The property is propped up and boarded up. Hence the move…but so close, no van or hired muscle. Ha, the odd pair of hands n car boot were firstly goggle eyed at all the books and then kept muttering ‘ but its all art stuff!’
    I pressed my brand new and unused wheelie bin into action but err…books are HEAVY : )
    Good luck with the move n reorganising your stuff once your there.
    Lots of new creative adventures


  7. Thank you for this informative post John; I have been looking at this software on and off and have been impressed with its functionality and the fact that you can pay by instalments. Like you I always want to create my own designs and this rich package definitely would allow this. As an added bonus, it seems as though Hatch are a thoroughly nice business to buy from. It also means I can dust off my old Husqvarna Designer I until I can afford to replace it with a Brother to go along-side my Scan N Cuts (yes that is plural 😉). I think I need to go get a 30 day trial going and take it from there. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your machine embroidery / Hatch adventures 😊💜


    • It’s a tricky choice when looking at these price points but there were so many reasons to leap in, as you probably saw. Defo give it a try – it’s free so nothing to lose. Hope the Husqvarna gets a new lease of life!


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