Handsewn Loyalty Card Wallet Cut With Scan N Cut by John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter (1)

A Quick Teaser

So, in November last year, I stumbled across an awesome product that folks with electronic cutting machines, and perhaps others, are going to LOVE – especially if you want to make wallets or handbags.

I, therefore, set to work testing it with a simple project that I made in Canvas Workspace, cut on my Scan N Cut, hand stitched together and am pleased to be able to share those results …

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Creativity IS Good For Us!

Well, if you ever needed justification for that gigantic pile of craft stash making the floor boards ground, then you can let people know that science and research are starting to prove that doing something creative on a regular basis is good for our general well being.

The lovely folk at Harvey’s Fabrics sent me a fabby infographic that lists just some of the reasons. Originally designed around sewing, a lot of what is shown applies to many creative pasttimes – it’s an interesting read – and next time the OH moans, you can pop this up on your screen as the reason.

You’re welcome!

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