Packing Up The Craft Room

If you didn’t know, I am moving house soon. Moving house presents challenges.

Especially when a craft room is involved.

The rest of the flat will be easy. A couple of boxes, lob stuff in and the job will be done.

When it comes to the craft room, however, I will obviously need time to filter, sort, examine, get sidetracked, start again, restock, pack, clear, unclutter, declutter and so the long story goes.

You’ve seen my previous craft rooms before, haven’t you? I’m not exactly a tidy or organised crafter on a regular basis.

Occasionally I get it tidy. For a day or two. Then work starts again.

For that reason, I am going to need a head start and therefore will be packing up the craft room shortly so it will be unlikely that much, other than some pre-scheduled posts and the Digital Craft Emporium stuff, will be appearing here for a couple of weeks whilst I get packed, move and then unpack and set up in the new place.

I’ll be popping in and out of social media, emails and the like as I can do that on my phone, but for now, I shall say Au Revoir and see you at some point soon-ish.

FYI, I’m going from the west coast of Scotland to the east coast of Scotland. Doesn’t seem much in mileage but I am really looking forward to it!

Right! …

*grabs large roll of bin bags and rolls sleeves up.

Wish me luck!

52 thoughts on “Packing Up The Craft Room

  1. Best of luck John with your move. Your craft room looks tidy compared to mine. I keep popping my head round the door and make a quick get-away.

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  2. Have fun moving, John! 2 years ago I moved from UK to Australia to be with my kids/grandkids. I had to make big decisions on what to ship. My craft stuff was a no-brainer and in the end I shipped 85% craft stuff, 15% other. And yes, it is impossible for others to understand! The impassive expressions on my kids’ faces said it all… trying hard not to look incredulous and aghast! Very funny! You gotta love non-crafters!
    Your new craft room will look amazing and organised – for a while… Happy moving!

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  3. Good luck with the moveJohn. No way I could do it. Too much stuff. Did it once and still haven’t unpacked some of the stuff. I keep being tempted by new things.

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  4. Hi John, my very best wishes for your ‘relocation’. I moved from one part of Glasgow to another almost 8 years ago (downsizing after a family bereavement) and I’m still nowhere near cleared out of all surplus junk!

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  5. Ooh as you know I have just done this… non creative types don’t understand why this is the first room I packed and unpacked…ish or why it is the biggest room or why I still get excited when I find more shelves I can get in there.
    Err…other than kettle n biccy cupboard, kitchen not unpacked yet : )
    Goooood luck!


  6. Good luck with the move John. The last time I moved was 20 years ago with 2 small children and no crafting stuff. The kids have left home but I’ve got shed loads of crafting stuff now, so when we next move it will be to downsize. I keep thinking of the day we actually do it, but keep pushing it to the back of my mind, as I dread the thought of going through my stash as I can’t bear to part with anything. I even keep small pieces of paper etc. as you never know when they will come in handy. Lol. Kath x

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