Things What I Have Larnt About Machine Embroidery

January 29, 2019 — 14 Comments

Gah! My bobbin thread is rising and the top thread keeps snapping!


Finally, this cocky middle-aged idiot reached for the manual – which I had to download as I couldn’t find the physical one – and ‘flipped’ to the troubleshooting area.

Oh. My. Actual. Goodness! ALL IS REVEALED!!

Ok, so, turns out that most of the issues that I have been facing are because I did not have the embroidery tension OR the thread tension set up correctly.

Good grief! What a fool!

Armed with even more knowledge, and the manual, I tinkered and fiddled and …

… of we went!

Smooth sailing, no thread breaking and no unsightly bobbin bits showing – YAAAAAY!

Such a happy feeling when it finally finished.

I think that you will see why when you take a look at this …

Amaze-balls, right?!

Damn, I love this embroidery machine lark.

Ok, after shaking myself back to reality, I tried to mentally catalogue what I had learned from this.

  1. Don’t be a cocky git and READ THE MANUAL!
  2. Don’t be a magpie shopper and CHECK THAT YOU HAVE EMBROIDERY THREAD!
  3. I am quite good at fulfilling my creative urges via internet shopping.

LOL! Not sure I should be proud of the last one but hey, if it’s a skill, I should own it.

But seriously, at one point I was ready to throw my toys out of the pram along with the machine and give it up as a bad job but, thanks to me online mates and reluctance to give up, I can focus on learning the software end of things and start again at designing my own patterns.

Until then, I shall be sharing more of these stitchy adventures and I hope that you will join me, even if just reading my rants and ramblings.

For now, though, I must get back to actual work stuff.

Thanks for stopping by, and for getting this far if you did.

Bye for now.

J :)

14 responses to Things What I Have Larnt About Machine Embroidery

    Pauline Seymour January 29, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Have had my Brother 800e for about 4 years and I love it. I still have glitches (usually user error! ) I don’t digitise because there are lots of designs online and I can usually find what I want, and more. I have found that (usually ) top thread breaks are caused by the bobbin not rotating properly. This can happen due to the machine needing de-fluffing or a glitch when the bobbin was being wound or it not liking the bobbin thread. Mine prefers a smooth polyester thread others like a slightly thicker thread. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

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    I’ve been machine embroidering for over 30 years now (yikes, surely I’m not that old!) and I smiled at your digitising efforts. I no longer have digitising software but in the past have done many of my own designs – a lot of them motorbikes and stuff as we’ve owned GoldWings for years! It is not easy at all – as you’ve discovered. I have had to refuse to ‘do’ for people as they think it’s a five-minute job – you have found out that it involves many trial stitch-outs and then back to the … drawing board! Anyhow, I hope you keep trying, it is such a lot of fun.
    I love Embroidery Library and their sister site – Urban Threads but my latest discovery and total addiction is KreativeKiwi ( who have the most wonderful ‘In-the-hoop’ designs which I’ve been stitching almost constantly since I found them in November.
    Don’t blame me if you get hooked!!!

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    I love it….. a kindred spirit …… I had exactly the same problems and put mine away until someone managed to work it out so I could understand it (HINT HINT) a new udemy course coming up I hope……. Please…..

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    Love the embroidery John July love the embroidery weddite have to the tune of around $300 in my wish list at present 😂😂 I’m in the middle of embroidering badges on 20 ties for someone at present frustrating to say the least x

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    I have had my embroidery machine over 20 years, and it hasn’t been out of it’s cabinet in about 3 years (well, scan n cut sort of sidetracked me!) but a friend recently decided she would like to get one, so I suggested she came and had a ‘play’ on mine to see if it really is what she wanted before paying out mega-bucks. I had to rack my brain to even remember what to do, but managed it and she was hooked as soon as she had a go. Needless to say, off she went, got herself the bargain of the century from a local dealer, and is now making fabulous things. I have now left my machine set up, and after reading your story, will undoubtedly be having another session with mine (though mine is the pre-USB version, when we had to buy the cards with designs on at a cost of £80 a throw!). I have about 10 cards, but amongst them have loads of beautiful designs I have never even sewn. Thanks for re-inspiring me!



    As always, thank you John for doing things wrong so we don’t have to. Hugs :)

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    Beautiful embroidery. I love machine embroidery & have loads designs, don’t do as much at the moment but when in first had my machine everything was embroidered, well almost!!! Keep up the good work John.

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    Wow, had to read to end as love your anecdotes .. What a wonderful ending and such a beautiful Rose, although Imcouldnt see anything wrong with the mandela !!!

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    Well, finally you’ve cracked it! Fantastic! I wish I had one of those amaze-ball type machines. Perhaps when I win the lottery!!!
    Final design looks fantastic and I know you must feel really good finally getting the machine figured out. I look forward to more of your stitchery adventures!

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    Gorgeous design John, you do make me laugh. TFS

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    That was fun, and just shows how we ought to do it, but are any of us that patient? xx

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