GoPress And Foil Version 2

A Couple Of TV Shows Tomorrow

The hair has changed, the waistline has changed – in the wrong direction – but my love of the GoPress And Foil system has not. For that reason, I will be back on Create and Craft TV tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon to show you why.

Not heard of it or not got it yet? Why not take a look through the archive of blog posts that I have here dating back to when I launched this natty little gadget onto the UK market last year.

The shows will be on Create and Craft TV in the UK at 8am and 2pm tomorrow, Friday 18th May.

You can watch the shows live in the UK via Sky 683, Freeview 23, Virgin 748, Freesat 813, Apple TV & Amazon Fire. Some shows may also be shown live in the US via Dish 221 & Roku.

Other regions of the world may be able to watch and shop via the live stream on Create and Craft TV. Depends on where you are I guess.

It would be great for you to send any images to the studio during the shows if you have already got yours and fancy sharing what you have made.

However you choose to get involved, I look forward to seeing you there.

Much love!

J :)

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