Design A 3D Spiralized Vase In Hexagon 2 GC

Designing A Spiral Vase For 3D Printing In Hexagon

In a bid to expand my 3D design and printing capabilities I have this week been learning a new piece of software and thought that it would be nice to share this journey with you.

The software in question is Hexagon 2.5 and at the time of creating this blog post, it is being offered for free – everyone’s favourite price.

It is made by the same team that make DAZ3D that you may have seen me talk about in this blog post … My First 3D Scene Creation Made With Daz3D

After downloading and installing it, I had a quick hunt around for a couple of tutorials and quickly got the hang of things. A lot quicker than I have any other 3D design software of this complexity and I was soon cobbling together a range of different things.

Having liked the spiral vase designs that I have seen online and in the studios, at Create and Craft TV, I decided to have a go at designing one for myself.

I ended up creating several versions as you can see in the gallery below.

To better show you the process, rather than just waffle on here, I have put together a short video showing the process from start to finish. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

What do you think? Pretty neat eh?

Anyway, time to crack on with more video making so I will leave you to your day.

Many thanks for visiting and please don’t forget to rate the post/video and also leave any comments or questions you have below or over on YouTube.

Bye for now and see you next time.

J :)

11 thoughts on “Designing A Spiral Vase For 3D Printing In Hexagon

  1. Love these vases John. Can they be filled with water for real flowers or only used for artificial flowers? Thank you for all your videos and taking the time to do them.

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    • Hi Jean. Thank you for the question. As they are they would not be suitable for water as I have used a light ‘infill’ which means it’s not a solid inside to the walls. If I bumped that up to 100% that should work for small amounts of liquid. If you wanted them to hold liquid you could always use a water resistant coating on the interior to seal the edges. Alternatively if they have a wide mouth you could simply pop a pot into the vase.


  2. WOW! these are amazing John. I haven’t got one of these machines & would love one but I don’t have enough time in the day to do all that I want to do now so I don’t think I shall be getting one yet! :-( Though I have put out hints to the family for birthday, Christmas & Mother’s day. If one just happens to arrive then I know I would just love it!!! I can always keep wishing!

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  3. Woooo! Thus is fantastic… but assure me you are still working out how to print wearable shoes? Yes?…awwe go on…you know you wsny too : )

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  4. Wonderful, lovely vases John. I was going to get the 3d printer last week, but I’m sorry, I succumbed to some Tattered Lace and the current USB instead. Soon. Lol. Are you snowed in yet? We are in Lincolnshire, so I should imagine you are by now. xx

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