My First 3D Scene Creation Made With Daz3D

February 15, 2017 — 12 Comments

Well, this week has not seen me be less creative than usual I have just had to tinker in a few moments late into the evenings.

I am very please that I persevered though as I can now share with you my first ever computer designed scene creation!

This scene was built whilst I was learning the Daz3D software so it used pre-built posable models and scenes, I’m not that clever, and required me to learn how to manipulate them and build them into an effective scene so took a while as I was following the built in interactive learning.

After the three hour rendering – yes, three hours – I then tinkered with it in Photoshop in order to add a little more detail.

Ok, enough waffle, here it is!


I am already imagining a story book featuring dungeons and dragons … maybe that’s already been done…? Lol.

This was the image as rendered in Daz3D


Thought it needed a little more atmosphere so the flame was created in Particle Illusion and the rest of the scene, smoke, lighting and atmosphere etc was created by tweaking various simple layers in Photoshop.

I also create a black and white version as I thought that it would look great as an illustration in an old book …


Probably my favourite version I think.

What do you reckon?

Really looking forward to learning more about this software in the future – do you think that it is something that you would enjoy?

Anyway, apologies that there wasn’t more detail in terms of a how-to as I am sure that you would love creating things like this however time is against me at the moment but wanted to share the finished result.

Hope you like it.

Catch you again soon.

J :)

12 responses to My First 3D Scene Creation Made With Daz3D


    Wow it’s great. I used to love Dungeon’s and Dragon’s



    Wow John :)



    Look forward to seeing the full film xxx :P

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    That looks really good, like it in black and white. I still like to put some photos into black and white as think they look better than colour. Keep up the good work.

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    It looks amazing l bet you enjoyed seeing how the action picture grew, just a tweek here and a tweek there to get it just how you wanted it…. you should be really proud of the finished product like you I’m always interested in doing somthing different creating things just to see how they look working outsid the box as they say I’m always looking for new projects to conquar Its something I would be interested in keep up the good work you are amazing



    WOW John that’s class! xx

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    Wow that looks like fun! I wonder if there is a mac version?

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